hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Indiana Jones Series 1 blind box series.


RogPalmerUK – Indiana Jones is an iconic character, the movies are all classics and super enjoyable, I must have seen them all dozens of times over the years.  So I was extremely excited to learn about the Indiana Jones series back at the Reflections of Evil event, the Indiana Jones figure looks really well done, you have the hat accessory (though where is his whip?) and trying to put a human on a Vinylmation figure isn’t easy, I think the box artwork looks slightly crisper than on the figure, but this figure is what is going to sell the set and is going to be extremely popular (its the only one I’ve brought).  I also think the combo topper is a pretty good addition to the series as well for fans of the movie.

WDWRobert – The Indiana Jones might be the 1st set that I will not have any misses to gossip about. Major Arnold – They captured his indifferent guise beautifully. Utilizing mickeys ears as the fiery background instantly took me to one of my favorite scenes in the Movie! Sallah: I love this character in the movie. Asides from the fact that his appearance reminds me of my Dad I still would of loved this Vinylmation. Once again I will point out that facial features are spot on with the character in the movie. Once again great use of the mickey ears to capture the scene of the movie when they are in the desert. Indiana Jones Both the regular and Indiana Jones Disguise: Not to sound like a broken record but both of these vinylmations capture the character & the corresponding scene beautifully. Then add great accessories like the famous hat & Staff these two are tops on my wants list. German Mechanic: Great looking vinyl and love the spinning propellers on the ears to help depict the scene that the vinylmation is from. Golden Idol: Perfect! This is a great looking chaser. Cairo Swordsman: Adding this vinyl to the series almost guarantees that many of us will recreate that scene.

 BigThunder87 – I have always enjoyed watching the Indiana Jones movies and this set is really interesting, especially the Indiana Jones figure himself and his sweaty armpits.  Its a real shame they didn’t release this series at my local Disney Store as I would have like to have brought a few blind boxes, but I guess I’ll wait until I can get the combo topper off Disneystore.com so I at least get one version of Indiana Jones.   I also think the golden idol chaser is super amazing and I would love to add it to my collection.


RogPalmerUK –  Where did this set go so wrong?  I am so disappointed with this series, I was expecting so much more from it.   I’ve not seen a set have such a wide response and there are a lot of other collectors like me who only want the Indiana Jones figure, I know I’m not planning on buying any blind boxes of these, I will just eventually buy the figure I want.  I have a few problems with this set, first off, Thomas Scott has a way of designing a human that either works or doesn’t, if you put these up against the figures from John Carter and Marvel, the faces look so similar.  Even the chaser is horrible.

I like obscure characters being translated into Vinylmation, so making a series based on the Raiders of the Lost Ark was bound to create unwanted figures but I personally just don’t want them.  This set looks like it could almost be a Non-Disney release like Under the Big Top and I honestly think these figures are going to be very hard to trade/sell.  Every blind box series has popular figures, but I can’t remember a set where half the collectors only want a single figure.  I know some people are going to love this series, but its a huge miss for me.

 WDWRobert – Marion: Its hard to create a vinylmation of someone who has a slender face and then put the on put them on the larger roundish mickey mouse face. Rene Belloq: Okay this character needed to be his white suite and hat.

One last note about this great series is the fact that Thomas Scott did an amazing capturing the character but also took then time to use the ears as a background to create the feeling of the scene take the person to the exact scene of the movie.

 BigThunder87 – I have to admit I’m not a fan of some of the figures such as Marion who doesn’t look like the character at all.

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