Infinity – Toy Box Thursday – 16th Jan 2014 – Pirates

Today we get another 5 new toy boxes to download on Disney Infinity and this weeks theme is Pirates.

Here are this week’s new toy boxes:

  • EpicPirateCombat – Goal: Reach the Dragon’s Den to free the trapped Princess! Rules: No flying, gliding, hovering etc
  • Man the Cannons! – Avast Matey! Board ye ship an destroy that there pirate fort.  Send those 3 ships down to the locker while ye at it!
  • Blast & Seek – Choose your side in a two player pirate ship battle and take a walk into the village.
  • TreasureHuntRace – Race around the Pirate Island and then help Jack Sparrow find the X and get buried treasure!
  • Blackbeard’s Map – Use the map to find the 10 hidden chests, all leading to the greatest treasure of all.  The fountain of Youth! Savvy?

Inside Infinity’s Jason took a look runs us through his thoughts on last weeks “Heroes and Villains” themed toy boxes:

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