The Refined Collector 001-David Kramp

Today we begin a new column at Vinylmation Kingdom called “The Refined Collector.” If you are reading this article you are most likely a Vinylmation collector. We want to spotlight people who have specific things they collect. It could be all Figment Vinylmations or all dogs. You might collect everything The Lion King related or you’re amazed at how many Goofys your best friend has. These collections will consist of official Vinylmations and custom pieces from the amazing Custom Vinylmation Community. With that introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at the inaugural Refined Collector featuring the Star Wars collection of David Kramp.

therefinedcollectorRefined Collector File 001
David Kramp
Obsession: Star Wars

How did it Begin?
The first Vinylmation I ever purchased was the Star Wars 1 tray. I remember seeing it on one of my Star Wars toy websites and thinking it was a perfect combination of Star Wars (my favorite franchise) and Disney (my family’s favorite franchise). So I took the morning off, got to D-street two hours early and waited in line with all these Vinyl collectors thinking to myself “these Disney collectors are insane.” Little did I know I would soon be turning into one of them. I bought the case and rushed home to open it.

I know what you are thinking… “did you get Ghost Obi?” The answer is yes! As if fate was dangling a baited hook right in front of me I opened that blind box and was like a Variant, that’s cool. Then I found out just how insane all those Vinyl collectors were as I watched Ghost Obi climb from $50 to $75 and upwards of around $500! I was hooked.

What is your favorite Disney Star Wars Vinyl?
A: Man this is like asking me which of my children are my favorite. There are so many great designs I can tell you Ghost Obi is up there, R2D2, Tusken Raider (I’m a sucker for accessories), and the Gamorrean Guard… But if I had to pick one I would say Wedge Antilles from SW2. From his helmet to his uniform, and the fact that it’s Wedge one of the most beloved characters in SW mythos. image_1

How Many Custom Star Wars Vinyls do you Have?
I have a total of 66 Star Wars Customs. The custom craze didn’t hit me until much later. There seemed to be a long haul between SW1 and SW2. During that time I grew impatient and began seeing some awesome custom creations from the community. My first Star Wars custom was painted by Cesar Diaz, it was R2-MK (my favorite Disney droid). If you aren’t familiar with Star Wars Weekends, R2-MK is Mickey Mouse’s R2 unit. Since then I have commissioned Star Wars customs from eighteen different artists. And it didn’t stop with the “Mickey” mold. I have commissioned designs on Mindstyle, Munny, Paul Frank, Popcorn, Monorail, Resin, Junior, and Park Starz… heck someone even painted a Stormtrooper on an antenna ball mold for me.image_3



What is your favorite custom?
A: Wow, let me first say I’m not picking my favorite custom artist. I love each of my customs and the experience has been a joy with each of their designers. But I do have one design that is my favorite and it is both because of the use of the medium and the paint job itself. And that would have to be the Mindstyle Stormtrooper airbrushed by Rask Opticon.
  rask1 rask2

Why the “Army” of Vinyls?
As our collection grew we decided to buy full trays. It was much easier then throwing gobs of money chasing chasers and variants. So when the community wanted to trade with us there was very little that we actually needed. So I thought it would be cool to get 10 Stormtroopers. 10 turned into 20 which turned into 50 which turned into 100. Then SW2 came out and I had to start a new army so the Tusken Raiders became my prize. I compromised and stopped their run at 50. Then it was time for SW3 and the Red Royal Guard was chosen. What is my next army… stay tuned for the release of SW4 ;-)image_5

What is your favorite Army?
A: It would have to be the 100 strong Stormtrooper army. You just can’t beat that Classic B&W stormtooper on the original Mickey mold. Having all those Stormies lined up in photo shoots is “Impressive. Most impressive.”.


I would like to thank David Kramp so much for sharing his amazing Star Wars collection with us. Collecting is fun but collecting what you love is what makes this hobby amazing.If you would your unique collection to be featured in the Refined Collector,  contact us here at VK!


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