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It’s 2014 and now that the holidays have come to an end, there seems to be a lot to look forward to in the world of Vinylmation. A whole new slew of vinyls will be hitting the parks and your local disney stores this year.  There seems to be some great vinyls releasing this year. Here is just a few sets that should be coming to us; Marvel Series 2, The Jungle Book, Robots 4 (Villians Edition), Toy Story series 2 and probably my personal most anticipated line “The Haunted Mansion – Mickey & Friends.”

Of course these are just to name a few. This year also brings out the trade event “Eachez” vinyls. This new vinyl idea has come with praise and criticism over the last few months, with some people loving it and others seeming to hate it. The seller market seems to be flooded with those purchasing numerous version of the Eachez to get that variant, while selling an opened common Eachez for cost or a little bit more than cost + shipping. This has turned into heated debates online with others accusing those purchasing just buying and selling to make sure they get that variant.  The LE though on some of these Trade Event Eachez coming are pretty low and are sure to be a most wanted on many collector’s wants lists.

It’s possible this may be the year we see some vinyls that we have been dying to have in our collections. What could possibly be one of the most popular sets created, the “Disney Princess” set is a series that many cannot wait to hear an official release date or get a sneak peak of. Another big hope for many of us collector’s this year is the release of “Haunted Mansion” Series 2. A lot of people believe and hope we may see these this year. Haunted Mansion Series 1 has become one of the hardest and rarest sets to complete, with great looking variants and high price tags.

All in all, seems like us as collector’s have a lot to look forward to, our wallets though, not so much.  What sets are you most interested in seeing this year? What type of sets would you like to see released? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to frequently check the release calendar on our website for the most up to date information on when the newest vinyls will be coming out this year.