Branoff/Vetrone Monorail “Park 1” Series On Sale Tonight!

It’s beating a dead horse to say that I’m so impressed with many of the great Vinylmation custom artists that are in our community. To see the level of detail and passion they can compress into a vinyl mold is quite fascinating to me. Today, I get the privilege of sharing info about a new series that brings two of my favorite custom artists together on one project.

Ryan Branoff and Mike Vetrone are releasing a Monorails blind box series tonight at 7pm PST (10pm EST)  that will use the amazing Park 1 Vinylmation series as inspiration for their designs. You can get to Mike’s store by clicking HERE. I talked to Mike Vetrone and he said:

Ryan came to me with the idea of doing a set on the Monorail mold because we thought it had a ton of potential. We decided that it would be cool to do our own renditions of the Park 1 designs on the mold. The project has been entirely too much fun and we cant wait to work on more.

Let’s show you the original Park 1 designs followed by Ryan and Mike’s take on them. I can’t see one monorail that I don’t prefer to the original design. I’m not just saying this because I want a Figment and Kermit (cough cough) :D. You don’t believe me? Take a look!

creepywallpaper yeti


smrt1 fireworks


MagSt TeaC


Fig1 kermit


ElecLP RedMono




And the chaser,




The monorail mold in my opinion had too much potential to be abandoned so quickly by the official Vinylmation team. Thankfully we have a community of artists who can still bring life to this unique mold.  Don’t forget, these wonderful custom monorails go on sale tonight at 7pm PST (10pm EST) at Mike Vetrone’s Store.

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