Across the Pond – Simple Promotion

Last week the Disney Park Blog posted an interesting story with some previews of some forthcoming releases that are due out in the next 6 months with a tiny hint and when they will be released.   (Click here for that story)SavedPicture-201419212548.jpgThe Vinylmation community went into melt down, my social media feeds and notifications went through the roof as everyone was talking about them, what they liked, what they didn’t, asking for more information.  Basically this one small preview story created more buzz about future releases than some sets ever get.

Collectors love to know what’s coming out, the hunt for new pictures and new releases is never ending, never quite fulfilling that hunger.  Disney can be very good at promoting Vinylmation and generating excitement about future releases but they can also be damn right awful.

This was a perfect way of getting people excited about some new releases, we had already heard about some of them back in September at the Reflections of Evil event, but this was the first official release information given out to the general public.

Collectors know these are coming out and can make a little plan in advance to save some money for them and more importantly, creates that buzz to make people want them.  Disney showed off a couple of images of the Aladdin Junior series in September and then never released any information until they were almost ready to be put on the shelves and that was by the Parks team, Disney Store has a dreadful habit of not promoting its new Vinylmation and they should be really looking at how the parks team are doing it.

A simple image with a single figure from a series on it, a few months away (heck I’d a few weeks away at the moment from the Disney Store), can create excitement for new releases which have to result in bigger sales.  Disney Store artists themselves have been almost forced to release pictures on their own social media pages to promote their new figures, they want people to buy them, so it makes sense to publicise it.

The Disney Park team don’t do it all the time but they seem to do it every now and again, last year they gave us sneak peeks at Beauty & the Beast, Silly Symphonies and the Tower of Terror set, months before they got released.

Something so simple and such a cheap advertising trick seems to be completely lost, social media is a great way of keeping customers in touch with a brand and new products.  Its not rocket science, businesses spend a fortune promoting new products and getting the word out, it doesn’t always have to be at big events like Comic Con or the Imagination Gala, just a simple picture of 1 figure with the words “Coming Soon in” could make such a difference in sales.


What do you think?