With Disney Infinity opening up the whole Disney universe, there are many different characters and worlds that could be brought into Infinity and for me Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers are without doubt one of my all time favourite cartoons when I was a kid.  I would go bonkers for them, one of my early memories as a child was heading into Thomas Moore on the High Street and picking up the NES video game, I spent all of my Christmas money on it.

On every single Disney theme park trip I’ve ever made, I still get a little buzz from seeing Chip & Dale, the stuffed toys from my first trip to Disney are still on my mum’s dresser.  With my parents still recalling memories of me going absolutely nuts over seeing them in Disney World.

So when I thought about what I wanted to see in Disney Infinity, this was in my top 3, while everyone is excited about Duck Tales, that is nothing compared to the Rescue Rangers.
For me, Chip and Dale in their Rescue Ranger attire is the must for the actual play set figures as they have to be sold together as they are a double act.  I think they would have to be pretty small figures, possibly the size of Vanellope or Sorcerer Mickey, but maybe a tad smaller.

I’m going to take a leaf out of the Lone Ranger playbook here and say that this play set doesn’t have any other figures.  It doesn’t really need it in my eyes, having sub characters like Zipper or Monterey Jack would be a step too far.  Though they would have major parts in the game much like Hamm or Rex have in the Toy Story play sets.

While the gut reaction to many play sets is to have as many characters as possible, sometimes less is more and this play set would sell very well as a stand alone piece.  People love play sets and parents will love the idea of not having loads of extra characters to purchase.


Abilities:  Both Chip & Dale would have the ability to lift items as that is what they have done in the classic cartoons with Donald Duck and in the Video Game as they often are seen lifting huge heavy objects above their head and also use this as a weapon.  They should also have the ability to jump as high as possible within the game.  I would give them both the ability to use a punch/kick combo for close battle and they could throw small nuts at enemies much like the Pixar Ball which could be unlocked for everyone.

One of the toy packs would include Gadget’s crossbow with a sucker which could unlock challenges within the play set to shoot down the yellow balls and robot dogs.  As Gadget is into making equipment for them to use, there are lots of different ideas that would fit in perfectly as additional toys.
There would be two vehicles to be unlocked including the hot air balloon ship which can open up extra levels and adventures in the sky.

And the other vehicle would be the roller-skate car with the fan that they use which could also open up extra challenges such as racing and more collecting objects.  I’d also throw Fat Cat’s red car in there as a extra toy, which might also be as a Hex Power Disc for the toy box.

chip-and-dale-rescue-rangers-cover  The main play set would follow a simple storyline of Zipper being kidnapped which leads to Chip & Dale trying to find clues (which would make up the bulk of the missions) on his location.  Along the way in the build up to the big final battle with Fat Cat, sub bosses could be used featuring his henchmen Wart, Mole, Mepps and Snout.  A sub storyline could involve Rescue Rangers other main villain Professor Norton Nimnul, resulting in some additional missions and challenges.

Some of these missions could borrow ideas from the classic cartoon or come up with some additional ones but with a rich background of stories to go off, there is plenty of different ideas available.
Adventures:   I have to go back to where it all started, I would make both Chip & Dale have multiple levels based on the classic NES game, which is a side strolling game where they run through picking up crates, apples, tomatoes and acorns to throw at enemies such as the robotic dogs.  Again as with my previous suggestions, there has to be a few different adventures as I personally feel 1 adventure per character doesn’t offer much value for money.

Power Discs : I previously mentioned the idea of using Fat Cat’s car as a Power Disc rather than the iconic vehicles from the Rescue Rangers since those will help sell the Play Set.  A Round disc featuring Monterey Jack could be used to get additional strength or a Chip & Dale Power Disc that gives more collecting points.


 So there is my general idea for a Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Play Set.

What do you think of my idea?