hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Aladdin Juniors Series.

aladdin jr tray


RogPalmerUK – Aladdin is one of those great 90’s Animated movies that has become a classic and the Genie is easily in my top 10 favourite Disney characters and I’m sure this junior series is going to be very popular.  There are a few figures in this set that I think are pretty neat such as the regular blue Genie, Abu, Iago and the Cave of Wonders Chaser.  These are all really well designed and the level of detail on these juniors is outstanding, passing this set off to the Disney Store team was a smart move.

Joshua Jackson – When Disney came out with the first juniors designs I was a bit skeptical, I liked the concept but at the same time the designs were just a little plain for me. Over the last few years though Disney has taken this mold and made some of the best designs I have ever seen on a vinyl and Aladdin does not disappoint. For my first hit I have the Abu Elephant. I absolutely love this figure! I love the colors, hat in the ear, and the facial expression make this a great figure. Second hit is Jafar in his black robes, I love how the artist was able to transfer such a large character onto such a small mold and keep such great detail! Next hits are Genie and iago, the facial expressions, colors, and small details make these guys really great figures! My final hit is the cave of wonders chaser. This is hands down my favorite figure from the set, I absolutely love it!

WDWRobert – With each new release Vinylmation Jr. series I find myself getting more and more drawn to these smaller 1 ½ “ counterparts. For one there are fewer release in the Jr. series and second is the smaller area required to display them.

Hits Sultan: This Jolly Sultan looks great! They did a nice job transitioning him to a Jr. format. His proportions are spot on. I don’t think an adaptation to 3” would of look so worked out so well. Genie: You can never have to many Genie’s in Vinylmation form. This enormous fella transitioned well to the Jr. format. And you got to love his facial expression! That’s Genie at his best! Aladdin: Even though Aladdin looks sort of like a Muppet Baby complete with a “Huggies” diaper, I still love him over the A1 version of him. Elephant Abu: Who would of known that a large character would of fit so nicely in a 1 ½ “ Jr size. Once again with good use of colors and a wonderful smile make this Jr. a must collect. Cave of wonders: I love the Park 10 version of this but I love the Jr. version a little more. On this version the colors are more vibrant for me.

BigThunder87 – These Aladdin Juniors are so cool, I love the Cave of Wonders figure (especially because I can’t find the 3″ version) and I love how they have included so many lesser known characters as well.  Love the Jasmine ones and how cute is Rajah the Tiger?


RogPalmerUK – There are a few major problems I have with the Aladdin series and Juniors as a whole, I’m not a big collector of Juniors, I have maybe a dozen all together, most of which came with larger figures.  If I was given a pound for every time I saw the words “I wish these were a 3″ series” on social media sites, I probably could have got enough to buy a tray of them, the designs are just crying out to be put onto a 3″ mold.  I also have issues with juniors in terms of pricing, £6/$10 might be cheaper than your regular 3″, but it just seems very expensive for what they are and then we have the case size.  Seriously, 18 figures from a series is just so insane, almost $400!  Disney have made a big fuss of making most of the 3″ series smaller which nobody seemed to want, yet almost everyone says they wish Junior cases were smaller.  Disney need to cut the size of Junior series in the future, its a major turn off for lots of collectors.

Joshua Jackson – I must say this is probably the only set I don’t have any misses. There’s not one figure in this set I can honestly say I don’t like.

WDWRobert – Prince Ali: I do like the Aladdin character but the Prince Ali proportions don’t work for me all that well. It’s the headdress on his head that looks off to me. If you look on Sultan Jafar’s head there are several dark beige lines that give the head dress a better look. Not to pick on this vinyl too much but his facial expression looks off for me too. Abu: That is one crazy eyed monkey. The animation 4’s Abu looks a lot better. Rajah: He looks too much like his Zooper Hero counterpart. Snake Jafar: The entire look is just a big miss for me.

BigThunder87 – There are way too many Jafar’s and I don’t like my odds of getting the figures I like because there are so many, though I couldn’t resist buying a few in my local store.


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