Infinity – Toy Box Thursday – 1/9/13 Heroes vs. Villains

It’s time for some more new Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity and this weeks Toy Boxes have a Heroes vs. Villains theme.  Here are this weeks Toy Boxes:

  •  Ralph vs Turbo – Turbo wants to beat Wreck it Ralph in a race for helping Vanellope.  Choose your side!
  • Mirror Mirror – Who is the fairest (and fastest) one of all?  Find out in this obstacle course! First one to the apple wins!
  • Olympus Coliseum – Based on Kingdom Hearts, Battle villains for trophies.  For a greater challenge travel to the underworld Arena,
  • King of the Hill – Control the cannons r run the gauntlet with your favorite heroes and villains.  2 players
  • Save the City! 3 missions: Save 10 Citizens. Defeat 10 robots or Defuse 10 bombs.  Finish all 3 and save the city!

Also Jason from the Inside Infinity Podcast shared his thoughts on last weeks toy boxes in his latest video:

toy box how to

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