Disney Stores in Japan Stop Selling Vinylmation & Stock Reduced in Tokyo Disneyland

BcdRt3yCQAEROElWe have heard from a few different sources that Disney Stores in Japan have stopped selling Vinylmations and even the selection at Tokyo Disneyland has reduced the amount of Vinylmations it is selling and has removed trade boxes.

Our Japanese friend @Takuya_Vinyl confirmed that they are no longer in Disney Stores, mainly due to poor sales.   They will apparently will continue to be sold in Tokyo Disneyland, however they do have much fewer releases than in the USA and the majority of new releases are Japanese exclusives such as the recent Christmas, Halloween or Doll Festival figures.

VK reader @LMVinylmation was in Tokyo over the holiday season and also confirmed that she was unable to find any trade boxes in Tokyo Disneyland and found no Vinyls in the Disney store she visited.  @LMVinylmation continued to say that she saw no blind boxes in Disneyland, just the event merchandise Vinylmation which were located in with all the other merchandise from that collection such as stationary, however she added they the displays looked great together.

1551536_10153660157825542_2008909359_nTo go along with this, Disneystore.co.jp has been slowly getting less and less selection, with the exception of the D23 Expo blind box series, the last series it sold online was the Little Mermaid.  Both of which were released in August 2013.  This is pushing Japanese Vinylmation collectors to use Disneystore.com to get the latest Vinylmation releases.

Disney parks outside of the United States have always had much less Vinylmation available and its not uncommon to have older series still available, however in contrast to this, Disneyland Paris has recently been getting more newer Vinylmations in stock than previously.

If you are in Japan and able to provide us with more information, we would love to hear from you.

What do you think about this recent development?


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