Across the Pond – News Years Revolution Revisited

acrossrevLast year I tried to curb my Vinylmation addiction and a year on, I think I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my self made rules.  I honestly felt like I brought much less than in 2012 (though I think Disney Infinity helped with that!).

I originally stated that I would cut back on my purchases, buy less and buy smarter.   This year I found plenty of series that I just didn’t want to buy at all and there was many series that I just went after the couple that I wanted and that was it.  I only have Beauty & the Beast from that series, Mike & Sulley from Monsters University, Mickey, Donald & Pluto from Wild West etc.  And I think this will continue into 2014, as for example I only like Indiana Jones from that series.

Not only that, but I had a small cull of Vinylmations from my collection, thinning about 70 from my collection in one foul swoop which wasn’t easy.  Going into 2014, I am going to continue this trend and possibly try cutting back a little more on what I have already brought.  Especially making the most of the free ebay listings weekends to clear out some of my less wanted figures.

As my Vinylmation collection has grown, it has almost outgrown its space in my apartment and I’m planning on picking up much less in 2014.  As Disney has gone down the route of making smaller cases, I’m really happy about this as it means I can collect what series I like, but it also cuts back on how many I buy.  In reality, I’m much more likely to cherry pick my favourites from a series than just buy them all.

Disney know they made too many series in the past and have put things into place to “slow” down and to bring the chase back.  So many collectors now know they can’t collect everything and just dip in and out of series for what they want, with thousands of figures available, its just not possible to buy everything.  I know for myself, I have become much more stricter in what I add to my collection and think that will continue going on in 2014, possibly more so.  And judging by many comments within the community, the idea of slowing down amongst older collectors is becoming a reality as space and money become more restrictive, is becoming much more common.

Disney have some exciting Vinylmations coming up in 2014, the key is to buy what you like and forget about stuff you don’t.

Do you have any Vinylmation New Years Resolutions?

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