hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series. With Cutesters Series 6 due out later this month, this week we have a little retro review as we take a look at Cutesters at the Beach.

cutesters at the beach


RogPalmerUK – Where to start with this lot?  I’m not a big lover of “cute” Vinylmation, I’m well known for my “crapsters” thoughts and this set hasn’t done much to persuade me otherwise.   But I have a little confession to make, I actually own one of these, I have the Ice Cream Vinylmation.  I live and work on a beach and have spent most of my life selling Ice Cream, so anything with an Ice Cream on it is an instant must have, though I never actually brought this figure.  While on a trip to Walt Disney World, I pulled it out of a trade box and figured “heck..why not?”.

LittleMissVinylmation – Hermit Crab, Beach Ball and Starfish are perfect representations of the beach theme. The turtle is also really great with its big Disney eyes and I love the clear blue vinyl snow cone is painted on – a nice touch for a potentially plain design.

BigThunder87 – I love the Green Sea Turtle, its so cute!  The rest of set is all very cute and loveable.


RogPalmerUK – Crapsters.  That should be enough of a reason to have this set as a Miss, but I understand Cutesters have their fans and its target audience.  There isn’t anything wrong with the designs of these figures really, but if you took the Mickey Mouse ears off the figures, there isn’t a Disney connection.  Which is why so many non-Disney sets have failed.

LittleMissVinylmation – Too many kids with weird eyes, stiff bodies and fat feet! The seagull doesn’t look like a seagull at all and no amount of money will make me want to try and get a fish taco stand. In my eyes this was the poorest Cutesters series yet.

BigThunder87 – I’m not to sure of the starfish one or the Taco Stand one as it doesn’t seem to fit in with the other human figures.

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