Here we go! A new year, a new round of Custom Swaps here at Vinylmation Kingdom. For 2014, we are doing something a bit different:

– Instead of swaps every other month (making it 6 per year), we are going to do one every quarter, or 3 months, making it a total of 4. This will make it easier for more custom artists to participate, and for myself to remain a little saner.

– From here on in, ANY regular sized Vinylmation mold will be accepted in submissions. This includes 3″ Mickey, Monorail, Duffy, or Popcorns. We ask that you do not use 9″ or 95 molds, as they pose a shipping/ traveling problem. Jrs. are allowed in conjunction with a regular sized vinyl, but not as a full entry.

We are very excited for the four themed Custom Swaps this year. For our Q1 Swap, we decided to “open the flood gates”, if you will… Disney/ Pixar Shorts


For those of you who are not familiar with VK’s Custom Swaps, this is what goes down.

1. Individuals sign up by the sign up deadline to take part of the Custom Swap and create a custom based off a given theme. You do not need to be a well versed custom artist. Heck, this could be your first one. All that we ask is that you try your best.

2. Customs are mailed to a given location by the submission deadline.

3. The customs are then taken out to a photo shoot, where they are shot together as a group and individually. Those photos will appear both here on Vinylmation Kingdom, as well as over on the Custom Swaps Facebook page.

4. After the photo shoot, each participant is mailed back to them one of the other customs in the swap. So, if you submit a custom, you get a custom… simple as that.


Any and all Disney/ Pixar Shorts are fair game for this one. Laugh-O-Grams, Alice Comedies, Oswald, Silly Symphonies, Fab Five, Humphrey the Bear, Roger Rabbit… all of those shorts, and more, are included. In addition, any of the Pixar Shorts are included. A pretty accurate list of Disney Animated Shorts can be found here… heck, they even include the Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction and the Electric Holiday piece produced for Barney’s NYC last Christmas. I am sure there is something there for everyone to pull from.

Location Shoot

Location right now is TBD.


Sign-Ups will end on Friday, January 24th. Please sign up only if you know you will be able to complete an entry AND have it in on time.

Submission Deadline is NO LATER than Saturday, March 29th.

As time draws nearer, I will message the artists involved and give them the address to send the customs to.

Where to Sign-Up

We will be holding sign-ups on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group. Artists Unleashed is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the awesome artwork done by our members. If you haven’t already visited the page yet, please do so. That will be where the official sign up for this swap will take place. For those of you without Facebook, you can still email me to sign up.


As always, I thank all of the artists involved with the past swaps, and I am looking forward to a wonderful 2014.

Happy New Year!