Still from film FrozenIts time for the first downloadable toy boxes of 2014 and this weeks Toy Boxes are based on the new movie, Frozen.  Here are this weeks Toy Boxes:

  • Frozen Hunt – Do you wanna build a Snowman?  Find and step on 4 buttons hidden around Arendelle to do just that.  Watch out for thin ice!
  • Frozen Adventure – Experience an interactive adventure from the various scenes of Disney’s Frozen movie.
  • Anna’s Quest – Arendelle has frozen solid! Go to the mountains and bring Elsa back to her throne so she can undo the spell.
  • Let it Go!  – Its the,anniversary of Queen Elsa’s coronation, but she’s missing and Weselton thugs are causing a ruckus!  Help!f
  • Olaf’s Race – Zoom around a racetrack featuring everybody’s favourite snowman Olaf.

Which is your favourite?

Also Disney Infinity put out a reminder about their weekly downloadable Toy Boxes this week:

Hey all!

A friendly reminder that Disney Toy Boxes are going to start retiring tomorrow, January 1st. All new Toy Boxes will be guaranteed available for one month. After that, we will be keeping the most popular Toy Boxes and retiring the others. Be sure to download any Toy Boxes from the past few months that you for sure want to hang onto today! …

One more thing! Because many of you have asked about upcoming Toy Box challenges, here’s a sneak peek:

1/2 – 1/8: Pirate Adventure Challenge
1/9 – 1/15: Tangled Challenge

With that, let’s hoverboard/ground pound/blast off into 2014! Happy New Year!

– Disney Infinity Team

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