Best week ever12013 has been a interesting year for Vinylmation, we have seen lots of changes to our hobby,

Vinylmation Kingdom has continued to grow throughout 2013, not only have we continued to bring you the latest Vinylmation news and columns but we have also have been updating the site with information such as our Vault and Guides.  Plus we have incorporated Disney Infinity into Vinylmation Kingdom with lots of news, useful information and so much more.

We have continued to grow our Social Media output, through our Facebook Page, Twitter (@VinylmationKing) and on Instagram (@VinylmationKingdom) and are currently doing a soft launch for our new Youtube Channel.   Our Facebook Groups have continued to grow in leaps and bounds, so if your interested in Vinylmation, Pop Vinyls, Disney Infinity or Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, we have a group for you (You can find all the links to these groups at the bottom of this page).

Vinylmation Kingdom has continued to work with other communities such as Vinylmation Exchange, Vinyl Madness, VinylmationTraders as well as with the Destination Vinylmation and Inside Infinity Podcasts.

Our charitable contributions this year have been one of our person highlights of 2013 as helping raise over $3000 for Autism Speaks, by doing a number of different activities including Matt & Bethany doing a 10 Mile Marathon for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler as well as raising money through auctions for Customs, kindly donated by custom artists.

Vinylmation News

 2013 has been an interesting year for Vinylmation with loads of fantastic new releases and a few dodgy ones.  There was two big events that took place in 2013 which were the Reflections of Evil event in Epcot and the D23 Expo in Los Angeles.

There have been lots of interesting releases throughout 2013 including:

And also some interesting stories throughout the year including:

Disney Infinity News

 With the launch of Disney Infinity in August 2013, we have been blown away with the popularity of the new Disney platform, some of the Disney Infinity news stories that we have reported are some of the most popular stories from the whole year and our Infinity & Beyond Facebook Group has continued to grow.  Be sure to check out our Disney Infinity Portal page with links to our Vault and also all of our Infinity content including Reviews, Columns and Blue Sky articles.

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