TRON - Blue Sky

TRON - Blue Sky

Blue Sky – TRON

Before I could finish reading the sentence asking for Blue Sky ideas I thought TRON. It is one of my favorite Disney properties and I connect to it on several levels. What follows was originally my idea for where I thought TRON 3 should go, but it completely works for Disney Infinity.

1. Storyline/Time
It begins immediately after TRON Legacy ends. Sam has moved the Grid onto a drive in a suspended state. He takes it to Encom to try and find out what happened to his father. There is no sign of him there so he restores a previous backup onto a local server (in all likelihood there were probably several backups but my guess is they would all be very old because after 20 years it probably ran out of disk space so there wouldn’t be any recent ones).

Prior to going into this version he takes TRON and RAM (whom his father had spoken of when he was a child) from the oldest backup available and restores/upgrades them to serve as his companions.

Since Kevin Flynn gave his life to save Quorra, Sam doesn’t allow the human version of her to enter the grid again (she will assist you from the outside and is able to communicate with you throughout the game).

Edward Dillinger, Jr. discovers a server being used to capacity and investigates. He locates the program CLU and it communicates with him. Clu shows him that with a few modifications to his DNA he could become immune to all known diseases and illnesses. He could basically become immortal. All he has to do is help Clu exit the Grid. Dillinger agrees. Prior to Dillinger entering, he installs a program on the server that he can activate should he need to. He calls it the MCP 2.0.

The game begins in a new hideout just outside of TRON City at a date that precedes the Purge. Due to the date of the backup, Quorra has no knowledge of Flynn’s whereabouts (the hideaway she knows of doesn’t yet exist). After a quick stop at Flynn’s Arcade (Grid version) your first priority is finding a program called Beck as he became the leader of the resistance after TRON’s repurposing.

2. The TRON Playset would have 5 playable characters:

Sam Flynn
TRON – Original
RAM – Original
Kevin Flynn – Original

I would also do an exclusive Mickey Tron if possible!

Mickey Tron

Also, with the figures themselves, I would make part of the base hollow so light can come through and light up the stripes on the costumes!

3. Playset Layout
The playset would include four major cities that can be traveled to by either lightcycle, lightjet or lightrail. The first, Tron City, would be a massive futuristic city as shown on Tron Legacy.

TRON city

TRON city

There would be programs walking around all over the city needing help. The original End of Line Club would be at the top of a building that you would take a glass elevator to get to. It would also be home to the coliseum (where the games are played). The second city would be Argon, slightly smaller than Tron City, however just as bustling. It is the home of Beck and Able’s garage. The third city would be Purgos where Dillinger begins his experiments and unleashes the MCP 2.0 (perhaps this causes a blend of the old and new visual styles in that city?). Finally the fourth city would be Clu’s city. It is home to his command ship and where he first begins building his army.

4. Unlockables for Toy Box
Each character would be able to unlock their own specific lightcycle and lightjet. Flynn, TRON, and RAM would have classic style while Sam and Quorra would have modern styles. Flynn would also unlock his hideaway from Tron Legacy, a classic tank, and the classic Flynn’s Arcade. Sam would unlock Encom Tower, Tron Legacy-style building textures, and a classic motorcycle. Quorra would unlock a lightBo and the End of Line Club. RAM would unlock classic building styles and (if Disney was feeling particularly generous) the original TRON playable in Flynn’s Arcade.

5. Skills/Mechanics
The game would play with the battle mechanics of more like a sword fight than a brawler. Disc attacks would have to be parried or dodged before counter-attacking (acrobatics would be used extensively in dodging). As the characters leveled up, more and more disc/bo/brawling attacks would open up. Because the characters in the Tron Legacy at times seemed to defy gravity I would also slightly change the “gravity” in the playset so the characters could perform similar acrobatics in the air.

6. Vehicles/Weapons
As mentioned earlier each player would have their own custom lightcycle as well as a lightjet with each capable of conjuring a lightwall. The lightjets would also have blasters. You would also be able to drive a classic light-tank. In all vehicles I would suggest both a first- and third-person view be offered.

7. In-Game Challenges
Lightcycle races and battles (including the classic overhead style), tank battles (Space Paranoids style), fighting through the Games, freeing citizens from repurposing camps and warning ISO’s to flee the city.

Space Paranoids

Space Paranoids

That would be my playset. The goal would be to continue the story after TRON Legacy and possibly serve as the prequel to TRON 3. I loved TRON Legacy so as a fan I want to see more of the Grid in its heyday and this would be a perfect way to do it. I want to see how the original End of Line Club was destroyed. I want to be able to stop the Purge. I want to be the original TRON and fight Rinzler!

To my fellow TRON fans, what do you think?


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