Hits & Misses – 2013 End of Year Edition

Welcome to a special New Year edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look back at our some of our Hits and Misses from everything released in 2013.


RogPalmerUK – Where to begin, 2013 has been a very interesting year for Vinylmation, the chase has been brought back as we have seen some big changes to Vinylmation.  For me there are a few stand out sets that I had to buy, so I’m going to start off with Park Starz 2, this series was the most exciting set, I love how they have captured some of the best bits of the theme parks and stepped away from the standard mold, with figures like Gus, Rex, the Bellhop and the Dinosaur all standing out as firm favourites.    Other great blind box series include the awesome Star Wars: Return of the Jedi set and the even more awesome, Marvel #1 blind box series which has the amazing Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man.  These sets both really appealed to my love of Disney’s latest acquisitions.

Other Vinyls that have stood out this year include the Lilo & Stitch Hawaii twin pack and the whole Imagineers series from D23.  While in terms of some of my favourite single figures of 2013 include the Disneyland Paris Balloon, the Park 13 Pardon Our Pixie Dust chaser, the Black & White Mickey from D23, Sheriff Mickey from Wild West, the 2013 Poster Art August figure, Park 12 Red Monorail, Beauty & The Beast Lumiere, and loads more.

WDWRobert – 2013 was in my opinion a good year for Vinylmations unlike last year where it was harder to find a good series or even a really good individual vinyl. Maybe I am being too cruel to 2012 released vinyls? Perhaps, but 2013 was a really good year for Vinylmations! Hits: There were several outstanding series that I enjoyed collecting. The first would be the 2013 Poster Art series. This series will go down as one of my all time favorite series ever. I loved collecting a new vinyl every month to complete a series. With each Vinyl pairing with a months “Theme” it allowed for a very unique and creative series. My favorites in the series are “August” for its beautiful theming, “December” for its Retro look and “March” Donald for always making me smile.

Another favorite series would be the Imagineering set. Like the Poster Art Series, the Imagineering series shares a common element of Imagineering but each vinyl is rather unique unto itself. My top three are “Landscaping” for its colorful use of horticultural effects, “Graphic Design” for its creative look of displaying two separate looks on one Vinyl and “Master Planning” for triggering one of my favorite Disney memory of watching Walt explaining his new project in Florida. A few other series that I liked were Mickey Through the Years, as I love all things classic Mickey. The Mystery Bakery series for allowing me to collect an affordable Hitch Hiking Ghosts and Figment set. Finally the Country Bear Jamboree set stands nearly at the top of my favorites series. I love having my own “Buff”, “Max” and “Melvin”. These are truly well done!

As for specific Vinylmations for 2013 those would be the 2013 Food and Wine Festival “Gusteau” and “Gusteau Ghost” though I think the Ghost was in color. Right? The Silly Symphony Chaser “Skeleton Dance” as it brings back memories of the 2011 Magic Memories and you show that was at the Magic Kingdom both at DL & WDW. Some surprise hits came from series I normally don’t like or collect. The Urban Redux series 2 had two great and distinctive vinyls. They were the “Transistor” and the “Radio” variant. What a cool throwback look! Park Starz Series 2 has a few I really admire. The Tower of Terror Bellhop is awesome! Great use of colors and body design! The “Orange Bird” design is so simple but stylish. I was so glad it became a Park Starz vinyl! The last of my Park Starz series 2 favorites would be “Rex” from Star-Tours! Even his awesomeness awesome!

BigThunder87 – There have been so many excellent Vinylmations in 2013 and some of my favorite series include Beauty & The Beast, Little Mermaid & loads of figures from Animation 3 & 4 plus Boo from Pixar 2.


RogPalmerUK – 2013 has seen a few series that have really stood out as being appalling in 2013 with many non-Disney sets like High School, Behind the Masks, Medieval probably should all get mentions here, that’s a little bit too easy.   I could easily add sets like Cutesters En Vogue, Urban Redux 2, Silly Symphonies, Nightmare Before Christmas 2 and many more as sets that I’ve skipped this year.  And even throw many of the figures from the Little Mermaid, Wild West, Beauty & The Beast and Monsters University into the misses pile of 2013.  There have been so many series in 2013 that I’ve “missed”, I simply don’t have the desire to own every single figure out any more and I’m a bit more picky, most of those sets I mentioned have a couple of extremely well designed figures but there is a lot of filler rubbish going into these sets that I just don’t think were worth bothering with. I had hoped for more stronger sets with the smaller case sizes, but that’s not been making too much difference so far either.

WDWRobert –  Behind the Mask Series 1 tops my list of miss of the year! I guess they were looking for shock value. The mask looked halfway decent and then took off the mask off to reveal a hideous nightmare. You would think even after they got recalled their value would have risen up in the value ranks but even then they were just terrible. None of them need to single them out, as they were all just awful! But I would like to point out one that made me cringe the most.  The winner/looser is the “Surgeon” with its mask removed made me beg to be knocked out and quickly!

Next series to make the “Miss” parade would be the High School series. I actually collected this set as a BOGO deal. I actually loved this set initially. Though regret came quickly as I placed it next to my other collections. Then the horrid were obvious. With “Lunch Lady”, “Gym Instructor” and “Snooki” all generating dreadful flashbacks to my high school days I hastily packed up and sold this set.

The Oz Great and Powerful Series was a miss for several reasons. One the Movie was not all that great but then put a $24.95 for a 3” and a 1 ½” set just made an tolerable set into an abysmal one. As for specific Vinylmations that missed the mark for were spread across several series. The Urban Redux series 1 had the “Cowboy”. Everything about this guy is off. He looks like a sickly looking Smurf in a tight fitting cowboy Halloween outfit! Then there is the “Yellow Monster” from the same series. For fear of having any nightmares tonight I’ll leave this spur lemon looking monster alone.

Pixar series 2 had “Mrs Incredible” I think is in my all time five most disliked Vinylmations. Too much is wrong with this one. What makes is such a miss is actually only the arms. But the arms alone make this one a bust! Finally finishing the 2013 misses of the year is the Popcorn Series 2 Ursula. I don’t know where to start as everything is wrong. I know the Popcorn series are suppose to have a somewhat different look to them but even taking that into consideration I can’t get passed the fact that she looks like Hersey kiss riding a Rascal Scooter!

BigThunder87 – There have been loads of really bad series in 2013 like all those horrid High School, Behind the Mask and Medieval sets.  I also thought Urban Redux 2 was a odd collection of bad figures.

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