New Releases – 12/27/13 – Tower of Terror Box Set

It is the last new release of 2013 and Disney has saved perhaps the best for last. The Park 13 Tower of Terror Elevator Ghosts box set is released today at D-Street’s at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as online through  (Though they looked to have sold out online in a minute)

This is a unique boxed set as it is the very first box set to include a variant twist.  Each box set is blind boxed, so you will either receive the standard edition of the figures (LE1250) or the variant edition of the figures which has a LE size of 150.  Each box contains either a full set of standard figures or variant figures.

The box set is priced at$69.95 plus tax and was designed by Ron Cohee.

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Will you be adding the Tower of Terror Box set to your collection?


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