Infinity Toy Box Thursday – New Year Fireworks + 3 Bonus Toy Boxes – 26/12/13

This Christmas Week Disney have released some new New Year themed Toy Boxes for us Disney Infinity fans to enjoy.  This weeks Toy Boxes are:

  •  Fireworks Blast – Happy 2014 – Blast off fireworks and admire a fireworks display
  • Sydney Fireworks – Race around Sydney on New Years Eve and watch the fireworks at the Sydney Opera House.  Also find the 5 hidden fireworks.
  • Countdown – Enjoy street parties and race around whilst launching the the fireworks in preparation for New Year countdown.
  • Paris Fireworks – Take a stroll through Paris and admire the brilliant fireworks display.
  • Blast from the Past! – Use the time machine to retrieve the missing fireworks hidden throughout history!  The new year depends on it!

Disney Infinity have also uploaded 3 Toy boxes created by the Infinity Avalanche team which include:

  • North Pole Racer – Race around the North Pole! Happy holidays from Disney Infinity
  • Castle Fireworks – Help set off the fireworks!  Find the buttons around the castle and then go to the gazebo to unlock the grand finale.
  • Frozen Challenge – Take Anna’s Rail Challenge and see if you can ride all the way to town!

Which is your favourite?

Also Jason has shared his thoughts on last weeks “North Pole Challenge” Toy Boxes:

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