las vegas

las vegasWe heard rumours about a Las Vegas Exclusive Showgirl Minnie Vinylmation a while ago but never had any sneak peeks or pictures of the figure until now, Disney Artist Enrique Pita shared a image of the Las Vegas Stitch which got released earlier this month and the previously unreleased Showgirl Minnie.

Disney Artist Enrique Pita also commented on this photo which pretty much confirms it won’t be released:

“Las Vegas Elvis Stitch with Minnie Showgirl. I though I share Minnie Showgirl I designed last year. She never made it to Las Vegas.

He also commented again confirming it won’t be released:

Elvis Stitch is only available in Las Vegas. Minnie Showgirl never made to store and will not be release.

We don’t have a reason for why this figure wasn’t released but we have seen many figures this year that haven’t been released officially such as the Animation Tarzan figure that we saw at the Reflections of Evil trading event.

What do you think of this Showgirl Minnie?