Welcome to a Christmas edition of Infinity Blue Sky which sees VK team member Arjan share his thoughts on his idea for a Disney Infinity Playset.


Hi there! I don’t usually write but the previous installments of the Infinity Blue Sky series had inspired me and after watching a holiday special I knew exactly what I wanted to play this holiday season.

The holiday special in question is Prep & Landing, an instant Christmas classic in my book. I just love the whole look and feel of it and it’s all so detailed and well thought out…. So thought out and detailed in fact that when the Blue Sky thought popped up in my head it just seemed like such a perfect match! Let’s explore ;)

Playable Characters

I think the most obvious would have to be the two main characters from Prep & Landing, Wayne and Lanny. Wayne (callsign Little Drummer Boy) is the veteran, a pro at his game and Lanny (callsign Tree Skirt) is the rookie, fresh out of Kringle Academy. I think they should both have similar skills and the only difference between them the equipment they use. They should both be able to use their parachute which deploys from their hats.

prep 2


As for story I think it should stick close to but not be exactly like the shorts released. Their adventures are mainly focused on making sure the Santa can deliver his presents  all over the world. They are part of an elite squad to make sure everything goes to plan so I think mission based story seems in order. Some how Christmas is in danger and they have to make things right. Mission givers could be Santa, Mrs. Claus, Magee the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center  Coordinator (try saying that after too many eggnogs!). Or maybe even a new character like say a Drill Instructor to give them training missions!



Location wise I see two major possibilities, namely their world, the North Pole including their training grounds, Santa’s workshop etc and our world, mostly suburban areas or cities.

 prep 3

 Weapons and Accessories

Being Santa’s elite squad they have access to some serious goodies! They have parachutes in their pointed Elf hats, skis in their jingle shoes and night vision googles all of which make for great gameplay features.

They also have a Candy Cane Grappling hook which could be similar to Anna’s (Frozen). Last in their toolkit would be the Gingerbread Man Scanner, it would be great to use that scanning presents etc.  As for weapons  I’d start with the Sparkle Ball, a grenade that puts it’s victims to a peaceful sleep after a sparkling flashbangJ  There’s also a Sparkle Blaster, used by Wayne’s brother Noel,  that has the same effect as the Sparkle Balls.

Wayne with Candy Cane Grappling Hook and Lanny with a Gingerbread Man Scanner


Sparkle Blaster

prep 4


The world Wayne and Lanny occupy also has some really cool vehicles and mounts. There’s a cool Segway that the elves around the Command Center use:


And Wayne is dying to get his hands on a new sports model snowmobile, The Natale:


And the last mount has got to be one of Santa’s reindeer!

 prep reindeer

 As you can see there is a lot to Prep & Landing that could work very well in Disney Infinity

I would love to play with these guys – What about you?  What would you like to see or change?

In any case it’s clear to me that Disney Infinity has a very bright future and hopefully we’ll see some cool surprises along the way!

Merry Christmas! / Vrolijk Kertfeest! / Frohe Weihnachten! / Joyeux Noel !

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