Details on the Animation Series 4 Louie, Dewey, & Huey Set


Disney have confirmed details on the Animation 4 triple pack featuring Louie, Dewey, & Huey which we first saw at Reflections of Evil.

SKU: 400007914568

Retail Price: $44.95

Artist Name: Thomas Scott

Edition Size: 2000

Disney Parks Release Date: January 17

Disney Parks Online Release Date: January 17

Here are full 360 photos of the three figures:

vm_animation_-s4_dewey_donalds_-nephews_1938_org vm_animation_-s4_huey_donalds_-nephews_1938_org vm_animation_-s4_louie_donalds_-nephews_1938_org

Will you be picking up this pack?

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