acrossthepond2013 has been a great year for Vinylmation in the United Kingdom, we have had a excellent selection of figures released which have included

  • Myths & Legends
  • High School
  • Behind the Mask
  • Little Mermaid
  • Park 13
  • Marvel
  • Lone Ranger
  • Jingle Smells 3
  • Muppets 3
  • Monsters University
  • 110th Anniversary
  • Holiday 2013
  • Villains 4
  • Animation 3
  • Animation 4
  • Pixar 2
  • Goofy Juniors
  • Oz Twin Packs
  • Wild West

Now for the United Kingdom, that’s a pretty impressive amount of figures, as Disneyland Paris also received Park 12, Cutesters En Vogue, Beauty & The Beast, Star Wars 3 plus a couple of Exclusive figures, which have all been available through mail order.

All of this has built on all the improvements we saw in 2012 where we saw lots of new releases as well, so generally we have had some pretty decent Vinylmation series.  There obviously could be some improvement on what we have been offered as we missed out such as Whiskers & Tails and those released in DLP I previously mentioned, plus a few others that were released in Disney Stores in the US like Urban Redux.  Just getting everything Disney Stores get across the pond would be a bonus as getting limited edition items is probably not a possibility.

110th ukThis year has seen some improvements to the Disney Store UK website, first off we now have preview announcement banners above the Vinylmations that show what is coming next.  This got off to a bumpy start with erratic updates that so far seem to be back on track.  The UK had promised a big announcement for collectors that was a huge disappointment as it was simply a banner but at least it was a step in the right direction.

3365_cp_FWB_vinylAnimation_29112013The Disney Parks Range seems to have been almost discontinued as nearly all the Vinylmations that got released in Disneyland Paris like Beauty and the Beast never got released online, which is a shame.

All the non-Disney Vinylmation series continued to plague UK collectors in the same way the US ones had, but again this wasn’t a issue with the UK store themselves, but with Disney in general.  Hopefully that ship has now sailed and we won’t see too many more of these sets.

One minor issue that has been a issue with collectors has been the very quick sell outs, Wild West seemed to only last barely a couple of hours and some sets didn’t last much longer.  But personally that’s not a big issue for me as I’d rather see Disney bring new items out here that sell out quickly than overstock issues like the 9″ Robot Mickey which has spent almost all year on sale.

Much like last year, as long as Disney keep bringing new releases to the UK and announcing them ahead of release, we can’t really ask for much more.  We can’t expect to have the same selection as in the US but a few more releases wouldn’t hurt.

As Vinylmation has evolved on the other side of the pond, those effects are going to change Vinylmation over here in the UK.  If the theme parks continue the trend of getting more exclusive releases and stores getting less, this could effect what we get over here.  I hope in 2014 we get to see more releases and more regularly, especially blind box series that traditionally we might have never seen before like Park 13.  There is a market in Europe, there is money to be made by Disney as there are so many more collectors than ever, so I hope all the good things we saw in 2013, continue in 2014.

Do you feel the UK market has changed in 2013?


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