It is no secret that the Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Disney/Holiday/Tim Burton movies.  I was thrilled when the first images of Jack were released.  I scoured screenshots and trailers released in the early days of Infinity, for any morsel of hope for a Nightmare Before Christmas play set.  As it turned out, I would have to settle for a Toy Box Figure, and Sky and Terrain Disc.

That won’t stop me from wishing though.  I must preface this article with the fact that all ideas aren’t completely original, much of this article is a response to the Inside Infinity Halloween Podcast where we discussed this very idea.

1. Storyline/ Time

This Play Set occurs after the events of the original movie.  Boogie’s boys do some Voodoo magic and revive Oogie Boogie.  Oogie wants some revenge but wouldn’t dare go after Santa again.  He decides to kidnap other Holiday characters.  It is the job of Jack and crew to rescue these Holiday figureheads from across Halloween Town.  Oogie has rampaged Halloween Town to distract the residents and Jack himself.  Part of the Play Set completion will be rebuilding Halloween Town which will unlock the specific building in the Toy Box for players.  Some buildings include, The Town Hall, Dr. Finklesteins Labratory, and of course Jack’s House.

The Play Set is complete once all Holiday Characters are rescued.  These characters include Tom the Turkey, Lucky the Leprechaun, and the Easter Bunny.  Their character cages will be modeled after the holiday doors they reside in.


Once all of the characters have been saved, the Play Set will culminate into a boss battle with Oogie Boogie.  This time however, instead of it taking place in Oogie’s hideout, Oogie will have fled Halloween Town, and gone to Christmas Town.  Once in Christmas Town, the player must fix the mayhem caused by Oogie’s arrival.  Much like the rebuilding of Halloween Town, this will provide the oppurtunity to unlock Christmas buildings, including an Elf’s House(s), Santa’s Work Shop, and Santa’s Home.  Once rebuilt, the player will have to use Jack’s Pumpkin bomb, or Santa’s Snow Ball/Ornament launcher to defeat Oogie Boogie.


2. Playable Characters

The Nightmare Before Christmas Playset will have 5 playable characters.  Already released Jack Skellington, Sally, The Mayor, Santa Claus, and my personal favorite, Variant Jack, Sandy Claws.


3. Play Set Layout

The starting location would be the town square, currently in shambles and only recognizable by a few buildings and the layout.  The Play Set would then take you across Halloween Town, including the iconic Spiral Hill.  Once Oogie has fled, the player will travel to Christmas Town.  A quest will send the player to the forest and through the Christmas Holiday Door.


4. Unlockables for Toy Box

Outside of the above mentioned buildings, each character would have their own unlocks.  Sandy Claws would unlock Rudolph Zero.  An NPC pet that can follow players around.  An as yet included mechanic, but hey, this is Blue Sky afterall.  Sandy Claws would also unlock a placeable version of the snow covered Spiral Hill and a Snow Covered Halloween Town Skydome and Texture Set.  The Mayor would unlock the Halloween Town Fountain.  Sally will unlock the pumpkin patch, and Cemetery assets from the iconic scene in the movie when she follows Jack.  She will also have her basket on thread to be used as a swinging weapon.  This will be an ability and an unlock.  Santa Claus will unlock a Christmas Tree, and multiple Christmas decorations including Stockings, and Christmas Lights.  He will also unlock a Christmas Town Skydome, and Texture Set.  Jack Skellington will unlock a Pumpkin King Scarecrow, Holiday Door Trees, and the Halloween Town version of the Spiral Hill.

5. Skills/ Mechanics

The main mechanic like many Play Sets, is platforming.  Also the usual fetch quest for the denizens of Halloween Town.  The Play Set will include a new feature though, delivery quest of items.  Dropping “bombs” in the form of presents on targets.  From not a pack, a’la Buzz’s Jetpack, but from a flying vehicle.  This leads me to the next section.


6. Vehicles/ Weapons

Weapons(Tools) will include Sally’s swinging basket, the Mayors Megaphone Horn, that will knockback enemies, akin to Jack’s Scare.  Additional weapons include Santa’s Snowball Launcher, Sandy Claws Ornament Launcher, and Pumpkin bombs.  The two flying vehicles that will be included are Santa’s Sleigh, and the Sandy Claws Sleigh.

7. In Game Challenges

In game challenges would include flying through gates, and accuracy for dropping presents on targets.

This is my version of a Nightmare Before Christmas Play Set.  I feel that it could tell a fun story that expands a bit from the confines of the movie, giving the player a 3rd person view of two of the best Holiday Town.  It is an extension of the current canon and acknowledges, and pays homage to movie.  Plus we get two different versions of Jack Skellington, and leave a 3rd (Pumpkin King) for a future release.  What do you think?  Do you like these ideas?  Would you like something added or changed?  Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to listen to the Inside Infinity Podcast Live every Monday evening.


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