Collecting The Uncollectible

Did you know there are 358 different vinylmation series and sets to date ? The first series was released in 2008! For many of us that is before we started our collections. Its fun to spend some time browsing through old series and making our “wants” list. After that fun, comes the sad moment when you realize that some of these “wants” are unattainable and expensive, and we quickly move them over to our “dreaming” list. Surprisingly though, it can be easier to get some of your most desired vinlys than you thought.

What really makes a vinylmation rare? You may think age would be the key reason as to why a certain vinyl may cost so much or be so hard to find, but that’s not always the case. Vinyls from Park 1 are generally scarce and tough to find.  Those aren’t the only ones though, newer series like Beauty and the Beast seemed to have a very short run and prices on some of that set have skyrocketed. We tend to make the price on vinyls by what we are willing to pay or trade for that certain vinylmation that we must add to our collection.

The easiest and one of the greatest ways to start collecting your wants list is through online trading. Vinlymation Kindgom Trading and Vinylmation Exchange are a good place to start when you are looking to pick up some pieces from a retired set or those limited edition sets that can only be found in parks. For me, I had my eyes set on attempting to collect Park 1. Although, it is doubtful that I will ever complete my whole set it’s the experience that makes shooting for such a desired set worth it.  I have been collecting for just under a year now, and have made so many great trades in these online communities.  I just recently started to piece together my Park 1 collection by acquiring the Park 1 Monorail. The monorail was the first I decided to get for numerous reasons; 1. I have every monorail but the P12 variant (which will probably never happen). Also the monorail is one of the easier ones it seems to acquire. Don’t be afraid to offer someone what you have for what you want, you never know what another trader may be looking for and you may just luck out.

Getting that dream list down 1 by 1 is such a fun thing to accomplish. After purchasing/trading for awhile you really can build yourself up a nice little army of traders. When you see someone post that vinyl that you need to have, contact them. Sometimes offering up numerous vinyls for the 1 you want is good enough, as they just want to knock a few off their wants list and may be willing to give you that 1 awesome vinyl off your dream list. It really is like a game, have fun with it. Vinylmation collecting has been such a fun and great family experience for us.
It may seem silly or hard to believe that it could just be that easy to dwindle down your dream list, but you never will know if you don’t give it a shot. Acquiring that first one off that special list is a pretty awesome feeling. What’s the greatest trade you ever made?



(You know I had to show a pic of my P1 Monorail, I mean I am proud of it)