1370528366-toybox-loneranger-1This weeks latest toy box downloads are all based around Wreck it Ralph, while we didn’t get a play set to go along with the new figures, Disney let the Infinity community loose on the Wreck it Ralph Universe to create 5 new Toy boxes which include:

  • Wreck it Hunt – Find and smash safety domes around Niceland.  Destroy all 10 to unlock a bonus level at Game Central Station!  Created by MightyGitis.
  • Dig It Ralph – Smash and dig your way down to the awesome surprise below! Created by Enrem
  • Helping Felix Jr.  Fix the broken windows of the 10 story building.  Use the teleporters to watch your progress.  Get a record time!  Created SergioChileno
  • Game On – Its game time! Play Fix it Felix Jr as well as three other classic games!  Have fun! Created by TruePumpkinKing
  • Litwak’s Arcade – Play through five games in the arcade from Wreck it Ralph. Created by bmckeon1998

toy box how toLast week’s Toy Boxes based on Duck Tales and here Jason gives his thoughts on those Toy Boxes.

Which one is your favourite?