toy story 2


toy story 2

Toy Story is without doubt one of the most popular movie franchises Disney has, it launched Computer Generated Animation and including Toy Story in Disney Infinity makes perfect sense.  Not just in terms of the amount of pounds it’ll bring in for Disney but Disney Infinity is essentially a version of Toy Story.

You have a bunch of random toys thrown together and played with, that is Toy Story!

This play set is probably the most eagerly awaited set for Disney Infinity and could have easily been included in the Starter Pack, but I understand the reasons why they went with this option.

With two figures included in this set, Buzz and Jessie, the first thing that comes to mind when I first saw this announced was how they had put Woody as a stand alone character, its not rocket science that it makes people buy him as well as you can’t have Buzz without Woody, but I still think its a very harsh way of getting extra money out of people as I’ll be honest, I can’t see Jessie being the number 1 choice to play with for most people.  The minute my wife saw what I was buying in the supermarket, she instantly said it was wrong how they have packaged this set, which I kind of agree with.  If my wife had this thought straight away, I’m sure parents across the globe are saying it too.

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But lets get down to the actual figures themselves, Buzz Lightyear is now probably my most favourite figure from the entire Disney Infinity range, it just oozes awesomeness and in a strange turn of fate, the figure looks almost identical to the Cake Topper we had for our Wedding (I didn’t want a guy in a Tuxedo so went with Buzz Lightyear instead!)   Jessie is a fine solid figure but as I mentioned before, with Woody being a fantastic figure as well, I can’t see me using this one much.

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The actual play set is a lot different to how I imagined it to be, its a completely stand alone piece, set on an alien planet from the Star Command universe, you have a similar job of running around, building buildings, collecting orbs and completing challenges.  Having spent so long in the Toy Box fighting Zurg’s robots, I had expected a lot more combat in this game, much like with the Incredible’s play set. Though there are a few Combat simulations to battle the robots, but it feels like that was thrown in on the side and on the very last mission.   So at first I was a little disappointed with the early part of the game as it wasn’t as good as I had hoped for.  But as I played through the game, it became much more enjoyable especially once the Jet Pack and Jump Pack got involved.   toystory-3-e39bb630678ca782c1eeed349cdb0d04Perhaps the biggest bug for me is how all three characters have the exact same method of attack, throwing Pixar balls, it just felt a bit lazy on the developers side to have done this.  Buzz Lightyear has a lazer on his arm yet he has to throw a ball, once you’ve got the lazer gun, things improve but then that’s already available as a Power Disc.  Again this is down to expectations, most of the play sets have a different feel to them and this one just left me thinking, it feels like a cocktail of the other ones, all just mixed together to create a rather pleasant experience but maybe not one that knocks your socks off.

Fans of Toy Story will love this play set as all the main characters pop up at some point and the Little Green Men are constantly providing little missions to keep you busy and some of the toys like the shrink and grow goo guns are neat.  I also thought the little Sea Horse ride on character was a nice addition but with only one little adventure, it feels like a missed opportunity.  This play set has kept me entertained for well over 12 hours by the time I go through and unlock everything, complete every challenge, find every little thing in the play set.  It’s possible to rush through the play set but if you take your time and do everything, there is plenty to do.

The Toy Story play set is a great addition to Disney Infinity and is going to be very popular, taking the game away from their normal universe is a great idea and leaves the door open for another Toy Story play set.  Toy Story is a great play set but maybe I expected more but I have to admit, running around riding Bullsye or flying around with the Jetpack is a lot of fun!  Toy Story fans will love it!

What do you think?

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