black-spider-man-comicWhen I was asked to think of a “Blue Sky” idea for Disney Infinity, my instant reaction was for something Marvel related, some people might argue that Marvel (& Star Wars) aren’t true Disney characters but that’s a thing of the past now, Marvel is Disney and with so many worlds, universes, characters and stories to use, my first choice was to jump into the world of the Amazing Spider-Man who is without doubt one of my favourite characters of all time.

The basic storyline for this Play Set is pretty simple, the incredible world is actually a good basic design for this as you just need Manhattan which is skyscrapers.  One key element I did think of was trying to make Spider-Man climb up buildings is a major challenge unless they make every single building in the play set built for climbing.

Much like with the Incredibles play set, there should be lots of smaller “catch the criminal” and “help citizens” missions to bulk out the game with lots of re-spawning baddies to kill, to keep things interesting throughout.  However the general theme of the game would be to stop Dr Octopus & his Sinister Syndicate from destroying the city and Dr Octopus would be the big final boss with lots of sub bosses to beat along the way including Super Villains from the Sinister Syndicate like Rhino, Boomerang, Shocker, Scorpion, Hydro Man, Beetle, Speed Demon and other cameo appearances along the way to flush out the story.

I wouldn’t use up all the major villains just yet as there could always be a second play set later down the line.  I would have these villains as mini bosses for the story to play out, before one big showdown at the end of the story.  In some of the existing play sets, there hasn’t been as much focus on the story with cut scenes etc, but I think this play set should have a stronger storyline.

There should also be interactions with other favourites like J Jonah Jameson, Aunt May, Flash Thomson, Mary Jane etc to spruce up different missions, such as taking photos for the Daily Planet (using a toy camera), races, getting across toy before missing a date with Mary Jane, plus lots of collector challenges.  I’d also like to see the number of challenges trebled from existing play sets to give play sets more value for money.

With such a huge back catalog of characters within the Spider-Man universe, I would have 5 playable figures which include:

  • Spider-Man
  • Spider Woman
  • Black Cat
  • Venom
  • Dr Octopus  Spider-Woman-Movie

Each figure would have their own unique abilities (unlike in Toy Story in Space), Spider-Man would include a basic punch/kick combo plus shooting impact web balls.  Spider-Woman would be able to shoot electricity while Black Cat would have the use of a whip.  Venom would be similar to Spider-Man but a “bigger” version of his web balls.  Dr Oct would have various metal arms attacks.

In terms of “packs”, I would have a collection of packs including a Swinging Ability which would see the character swinging through the game (even if there are no buildings due to Infinity’s own limitations).  Other weapons include shooting webbing to tie an opponent up, I’d also include a HobGoblin hoverboard (which I’d also throw onto a Power Disc) as a vehicle/toy.  Another vehicle would be a Spider-Mobile.   I also previously mentioned a Camera toy to take pictures for some challenges.   For another Power Disc, I’d have a “Spidey Sense” which improves defense.

dr octThere is lots of scope for a few extra items from the Marvel universe, but I generally want this to be a Spider-Man only universe and rather than throwing in dozens of villains and with Spider-Man being so popular, there is enough Villains to make a few different play sets.

What do you think of this “Blue Sky” idea?


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