Every Disney fan has their favorite movie and characters.  Every Disney Infinity fan has that one playset they can’t believe doesn’t exist.  For many, no characters warrant a playset more than a movie based on a video game.  Disney Infinity is the Toy/Video game version of our favorite Disney Characters after all.  I’m referring of course to Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz.


Character Likeness

Lets start with Mr. Ralph.  The first thing I noticed was how heavy his box was compared to any other figure to date.  His pose is perfect, really portraying his guerilla like stature.  Barrel chested and mighty.  He really does look like the toy version of his video game self!  His animations are slow, and lumbering, as if it takes a bit of effort to move that big body.  Unfortunately, John C. Reilly did not lend his voice to the Infinity version of WIR.

Now on to Vanellope.  Compared to WIR, she is obviously much smaller.  Her stance is sassy, like her movie self.  The details are amazing, with candy pieces in her hair, and her striped tights.  A half smile from the corner of her mouth, she’s ready for whatever comes her way.  Her animation is fast and excited, representing her excitable nature.  Unlike WIR, Vanellope is voiced by her real life counterpart, Sarah Silverman, rather enthusiastically too I might add.


The character stands are perfect.  A cupcake top!

Special Abilities/Weapons

WIR special ability is “Ralph’s Wreck-It.”  A gorilla stomp of sorts.  It is a satisfying attack, that leaves a damaging path in it’s wake.  Vanellope has her trademark “Glitch”, which is amazing in game and fun to see as an ability.  This single ability may be my favorite in the game thus far.


Both characters have a weapon of a “Cherry Bomb.”  Although slightly different for each, WIR’s is rather appropriately an 8 bit version.  The 8 bit animation for this weapon is great, and put a big smile on my face.  Vanellope’s cherry bomb is much more high res mirroring each characters personal timelines.

Toy Box Unlockables

WIR has 6 unlocks: the WIR Costume, Ralph’s Wrecking Truck, Nicelander’s Home ground texture, Wreck-It Ralph’s Cherry Bomb, Nicelander’s Apartment Complex and my favorite, Fix-It Felix’s Sky.


Vanellope has 4 unlocks: Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume, Vanellope’s Cherry Bomb tool for others to use, King Candy’s Royal Racer, and of course Vanellope’s Candy Kart.


Character Adventures

WIR’s adventure is Ralph’s Wreck’n Wrangle.  A side scrolling adventure where you have to grab collectibles.  It’s culmination is an enemy battle at the top of the arena.

Vanellope’s Adventures is Vanellope’s Sweet Ride.  A rather appropriate Sugar Rush themed battle race.  This adventure was a real highlight.  This track had multiple branching paths, so many in fact, I had to play it multiple times to see them all.  This adventure had the single best use of a moving sidewalk I have seen in a toy box.


Sugar Rush Customization Disc

Released in Series 1, these customization disc really encompass the feel of Sugar Rush.  The ground and textures are sugary sweet, and in the distance you see King Candy’s Castle.

Ralph’s Power Disc of Destruction

This series 2 disc adds a chance for bonus melee damage.


The Wreck-It Ralph, and Vanellope figures are a great addition to Disney Infinity, adding some much needed variety in character design and abilities.  Additionally Wreck-It Ralph has many unlocks, making his character one of the best valued “Toy Box” only figures.  It is also very nice completing the WIR inspired Toy Box assets.