This past week the Disney Infinity community was challenged to create Toy Boxes with a Duck Tales theme, which resulted in the following Toy Boxes being available to download.

  • Saving Scrooge – Find all buttons hidden inside the money bins to open the Beagle Boys hideout.  Rescue Scrooge and take him to the castle.
  • Scrooge’d – One epic Ducktales racetrack
  • McDuck in Danger – Blast me bagpipes, Scrooge’s been captured by robots!  Find and rescue 5 Scrooges then your reward waits near the stadium
  • Safe Crackling – Scrooge has locked himself in his money bin!  Find the combination hidden in Duckburg and return Scrooge to his mansion.
  • Mega Gizmoduck – Blatherskite!  Gyroo’s robot armstrong has gone haywire..and grown giant!  Save or destroy Duckburg in this 1v1 arena!

Also available is the previously unreleased toy box – Toy Story Claw – Find and return the 10 aliens to their spaceship by dropping them into the ESPN basket.

toy box how toEvery week Jason gives his thoughts on the latest downloads and here are his thoughts on last weeks Toy Boxes which had a Thanksgiving Theme