Another Look at Cutesters Snow Day: Variant Confirmed?

Yesterday we showed you the following photos from the upcoming Cutesters Snow Day series.







After looking at the box art from the series, we realized that the Vinylmation team had revealed the chaser which is the tree design. Along the way they misnamed the Narwhal by calling it a snowman but that has been fixed today. However, today we finally get the missing piece of the set that is on the box art.



The file name says this is a goat. It is most certainly not a goat. I’m pretty sure it’s a bear though. I love the skates on the guy. Another addition to the site seems to be a mistake that also confirms there is a variant in the set.  The following photo that we saw yesterday now has the word “variant on it over at


I’m going to assume that this design is not a variant but in fact the regular design in the series but that there will be a variant that has not yet been revealed. Whether it is of this character or not, I do not know yet.

We also have confirmation that Cutesters Snow Days will be released on January 17th at D-Street and Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks, the amazing artists behind this series, will be signing at WDW’s D-Street from 5-7pm.