If you’re a heavy Vinylmation collector like me, you probably find yourself in one of the following camps:

  1. You throw away all or most of your empty Vinylmation boxes once they’re opened (in which case this post may not interest you as much as my others)
  2. The following scene is ALL too familiar:

photo 7

If you’re in Camp #2, then you’re probably asking yourself…

“What the heck am I going to do with all these empty boxes?!”

Well, allow me to shine the spotlight on a few ideas from the creative folks out there in the various Vinylmation Facebook groups and collecting communities – in hopes of creating a spark of inspiration.

Vinylmation package design:

I think it’s safe to say that if you are a fan of Vinylmation design, then you are equally a fan of the Vinylmation packaging. It can also be argued that as much time and thought is spent on the Vinylmation boxes and tray design, as in Vinylmation characters themselves. Think about it, it’s the initial eye-catcher we see before buying that blind box, it’s the allure of the possibilities inside, it is the enticement of the mystery, it is…well you get the idea.

Unfortunately, once you crack the blox open and reveal your treasure, that gorgeous box design that you coveted only moments before is now headed for the recycle bin. But what if you could UPCYCLE that box into something both creative AND useful? Or, maybe fashion it into something functional AND beautiful? Wouldn’t that be worth keeping?

Shelf decoration:

Here is a personal example of how I used the top from the empty tray boxes, as well as a couple empty Vinylmation boxes to help decorate each shelf dedicated to that particular set. I did this for ‘The Little Mermaid’ & ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sets in my daughter’s room very recently.


I’ve also seen a few examples where folks have cut a panel off of a single empty Vinylmation box for a  set, framed it, and placed it on the same shelf next to their complete set of Lion King, etc. (for example)

Create your own shelves:

This first example of “shadow boxes” from Steven Edwards is a really nice, albeit ambitious, combination of Vinylmation box art and traditional materials. Steven cleverly uses the case/tray toppers as the background for the shelving, and then uses the images from the sides of the individual boxes for the shelves. He finishes off the box with a nice wood frame, a glass door, and even burns the logo of the movie/set into the wood – a really nice finishing touch!


Some of you may have seen Tony Bianuuci’s custom-made shelves that he inserts into the actual Vinylmation trays of the set for displaying. While not using the individual boxes, it’s still a nice way to display your collection with official Vinylmation packaging.

1379711_387707574665054_889345989_n-1 1370497_388020781300400_1783839168_n 1372932_388020787967066_710604131_n

Last, but not least, are these amazing custom shelves created by Anthony Michella. These customized shelves conform themselves to the either the traditional Mickey Vinylmation platform, or something more tailored to the set itself.

What’s really nice about these shelves is that Anthony uses a bunch of the individual empty boxes from a particular set to create a very cool, stylized mosaic effect as the background in his shelves. This allows the viewer to enjoy the vinylmations in the foreground while still tying in to the overall design of the series. Sort of a perfect blend of the vinyls themselves along with their packaging.

AnthonyMichella_ww2 AnthonyMichella_lk AnthonyMichella_batb AnthonyMichella_ww AnthonyMichella_sorcerer AnthonyMichella_bw AnthonyMichella_mu AnthonyMichella_sw

RAK: Share your own display ideas and WIN!

We had a few great ideas submitted in the Facebook group for the creation of this article, but we’re always looking for more sources of inspiration on how to display our Vinylmations in more creative and fun ways. What’s the fun in collecting if you can’t display your vinyls proudly, right?

That said, we’d like to extend an invite to all of you who enjoyed this article to share YOUR display ideas and executions incorporating one or more of your extra empty Vinylmation boxes – which may inspire even more creative ideas than just the ones we saw today.

We will take submissions via the comments section in this article from now until the end of the month, and then I will award a blind box from a recent set (something good like Marvel, Wild West, or Star Wars) from my personal collection to the best submission. (I will also be sending out a blind box of their choice to Stephen, Tony and Anthony for contributing to this article just as a big ‘Thank You!’ to them as well! Thanks guys!)

Hopefully, this article has already created the spark for you to be creative with your empty blind boxes, and we’re looking forward to see where you take things from here!

 “One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of all creation.” – Journey into Imagination