Welcome to a new series that we here at Infinity and Beyond are teaming up to bring you: the Infinity Blue Sky Series.

What is “Blue Sky”? If you follow Walt Disney Imagineering, the team that brings theme parks, rides, and attractions to life, you might have heard of the Blue Sky Cellar, which is located at Disney’s California Adventure Park (DCA). This walkthrough preview center showcases upcoming attractions for DCA, under the pretense that the skies’ the limit… and it is all “just a dream away”.


Taking that concept from WDI, we here at Infinity and Beyond decided to share some of what we would like to see happen for Disney Infinity. Each article will focus on a Play Set, a Toy Box character, game enhancement, etc. that we would like to see. However, beyond just saying “I would like to see __________ as a Play Set”, we will flesh out the idea and include things like storyline, playable characters, unlockables for the Toy Box… that sort of thing.

First up is my first contribution to the Infinity Blue Sky Series: a Plat Set adventure based off one of my most favorite Disney animated movies, Robin Hood, which celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary this year.


 1. Storyline/ Time

This Play Set takes places after the main events of the movie, but prior to the return of King Richard at the end of the movie. Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are at it again. Most of Robin Hood’s “Merry Men” have been captured and the area is once again being heavily taxed by Prince John, who has now set up collection center/ vaults in and around Nottinghamshire. It is up to Robin Hood and Little John to save their cohorts and stop the taxing once and for all.

Robin Hood and Little John win once all of the “Merry Men” are rescued and all of the collection centers/ vaults are destroyed. The first rescue (Friar Tuck) and the last collection center/ vault is located in Nottingham, where you will face the Sheriff of Nottingham twice… at least. robin-hood

2. Playable Characters

Robin Hood and Little John would make great characters. I, for one, was a little upset that you could play as “Villains” in some of the first Play Sets, where you were technically fighting against yourself inside the Play Set. Just felt out of place. While the Sheriff would make a wonderful character, I would not want to have to fight Sheriff vs. Sheriff.

3. Play Set Layout

Of course, this would take place in and around Sherwood Forest. However, in addition to Nottingham, action will take place in other towns surrounding Sherwood Forest, where the “Merry Men” (Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale, Maid Marian, Lady Kluck, and Skippy, Sis, and Tagalong) have been kept captive. I envision the layout similar to that of the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, with Sherwood Forest replacing the ocean and the towns surrounding replacing the major islands. Within Sherwood Forest there would be other activities/ quests (aka, the smaller islands). Here is a very basic concept layout:

Robin Hood Layout DI

4. Unlockables for Toy Box

I would love to see unlockables for the Toy Box to include an Archery Weapon Pack, and a bunch of different targets to create a sweet archery range. A new enemy in the form of the archery wolves would be fun. Possibly the parts to build a Medieval Castle.


5. Skills/ Mechanics

The main mechanic is archery, obviously. After you free Friar Tuck, your first objective, you unlock the Archery Tournament area outside of Nottingham (as depicted in the movie), which is where you will train and hone your archery skills and compete in tournaments later on in the game, where you win toy box unlockables and prizes by winning. cw-robin-hood-580x260

6. Vehicles/ Weapons

One “vehicle” I could see being fun would actually be an activated pack where you fire an arrow with a rope at a target and, if you hit it, you would be able to span from building to building, much like Robin does.

As far as weapons… swords and archery equipment would be the main ones.

Robin-Hood-disney-classics-24453411-500-282 528044_1283092392343_full

7. In Game Challenges

Once you “learn” the archery mechanic, I could see a lot of archery inspired challenges. Since Robin hood is also a master thief, a challenge collecting tokens while not being detected could be fun.

NOTE: I know this idea completely contradicts the “Alternate Ending” that was featured on the Robin Hood “Most Wanted Edition” DVD, but since that ending was scrapped, I feel this could easily happen within the scope of the canon of Disney’s version of Robin Hood.

So, there it is… my Robin Hood Blue Sky. Hope you enjoyed imagining this Play Set as much as I had coming up with it. I invite you to leave your comments below, not just on this Blue Sky, but ideas for possible future editions.

Next week, Roger takes on Marvel with a Spider-Man Blue Sky. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has planned for our favorite web-slinger.

Have a great week.