I hope everyone here in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving and, for all the rest, I hope it was a great week.


Black Friday. Some embrace it. Others fight it. Whatever your personal preference is of the day, I believe we can agree that there were some amazing sales, not only on Friday, but more so on Thursday afternoon/ evening. Granted, most of the Disney Infinity deals had their issues (improper wording, not enough stock to support the sale, no price matching, etc). However, I know quite a few of you out there, like myself, got some fun deals. You take advantage of any of them? Let us know in the comments.

In other news, Toys ‘R’ US briefly listed the Phineas and Agent P figures that were unveiled at D23 on their website. Before they were taken back down, it looks like we have a Toy Box Pack release slated for April 1, 2014, with individual characters coming later that month. Click here for the full story.


If you didn’t already know, Disney Infinity has been nominated for two Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY). What’s special about this is that the public has a chance to help decide the winner… and win some awesome prizes in the process. For more information and links to where to vote, see our official announcement. 



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Vanellope– A Target exclusive through 2014, Vanellope came out last Sunday, the 24th. Some stores didn’t have them in stock. A few others had them in the back, not out on the shelves. Same story as all the rest. Congrats to you if you found one.


Target Exclusive Series 2 Power Disc Album w/ Disc Set– Yes, this was finally released officially by Target, but there were issues still of stores either not getting them, refusing to put them out, etc. Hopefully after Black Friday things will be ironed out.

Frozen Toy Box Pack– Some retailers released Anna and Elsa early, but by the official release date of November 26th,  most retailers had them out.

fro_anna_dynamic_no_reflection fro_elsa_passive_no_reflection

This week’s Releases:

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey-

12/05/13  Denmark Release- Amazon

NOTE: It looks like other stores in Europe have been/ are getting Mickey around this week as well.

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To view the entire Release Calendar, click here.

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Have a great rest of the weekend.