Hits & Misses – Park 13

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Park 13.



RogPalmerUK – I love the Park series, its the series I treasure the most and while some might argue that this set is a bit off the wall or disappointing, I very much disagree.  First off, the idea that it is a smaller case to me makes no difference, with variants, combo toppers, box sets etc, there isn’t a problem.  Park 13 includes a Magician Mickey, Haunted Mansion Portraits and a Tower of Terror box set, all of which have gone straight onto my “must have” pile along with this entire set.   The Combo Topper for Park 13 is probably the best Combo Topper figure since Park 6 in my opinion.  Thankfully this blind box series has been released in the United Kingdom, which is rare (we’ve only had the Disneyland Paris themed Park 10 available before).

For me this set was a slow burner, I didn’t instantly like this set, but over time I began to adore this set more and more.  There are some real stand out figures like the awesome “Pardon Our Pixie Dust” chaser that could have been designed by the Imagineers team, its that fantastic.  I must have this in my collection, it represents the Park perfectly.

Mr Toad’s Devil is another great little figure that represents one of my favourite rides as a kid, the Wind in the Willows is a classic British story that is part of my childhood, so this little nod to the ride and a great figure design no doubt.   Claire De Room is another nice Bugs Life figure, though maybe a little to similar to Dot from the recent Pixar 2 series.   Trader Sam is another fantastic figure, we don’t have many Vinylmations of this classic attraction and its probably one of the strongest figures around.  The Robot from Buzz Lightyear is another solid figure that wouldn’t have looked out of place of the original Robots series and I think the 3 headed Troll from Maelstrom is another average figure that represents the ride well (though not a touch on the Troll from Park Starz 2).

WDWRobert – I absolutely love the park series. It’s a great way for me to connect to the parks when I can’t be there in person with my family. That’s what this series does for me. My absolute favorite is the Box ‘O Bot from Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. I know it is officially from the Disneyland attraction but its close enough for me! They did a wonderful job of capturing the Box ‘O Bot’s appearance.

When I look at it I am instantly taken to the attraction and the relive the exciting moments I have with my son playing this game! Next is the Injun Joe’s Cave. Again this Vinyl recreates the feel of actually being there in the Cave and exploring and if early enough in the day maybe trying to find the hidden Paint Brushes! I love effects! I Love the colors! Though not one of my top favorites I still welcome a Vinyl from one of my favorite Countries at Epcot. I love how they captured the lighting effect in the ears. I think they did a nice job of placing the three heads on just one Mickey head! Disappear! Disappear!

BigThunder87 – What did Disney do with the awesome Park series?  It won’t match the rest of my collection now as there are four missing!   Guess I need to get used to it but wasn’t this suppose to fix the problem of not having rubbish vinyls?  I like a couple of this series like the chaser which looks very cool and very Imaginerneery…..


RogPalmerUK – One of the biggest disappointments about Park 13 is that with the reduced size, I would have assumed, we might have lost some of the weaker fillers and just had very strong designs.  But the Canyon and Cave figures just feel a bit “blah” and will no doubt be shoved to the back of my display cabinet to barely be seen.   I was expecting much better things from Park 13 and I think this set isn’t going to be as popular, there just isn’t enough major characters to grab the casual collector.  While I applaud them for doing less popular attractions, this marks the 4th set in a row that hasn’t been mainly spectacular.

WDWRobert – Catastrophe Canyon. This one is going to be put on my top 10 dislikes! Great attraction. Great idea. Poor execution. I am not sure how to put it all together. I am not really sure what I am looking at here. I know what each part is depicted but there is no order. Magician Mickey. The bunny in the top hat is cute. The Magic wand accessory is cool. But Mickey looks like he is stoned. I will pass on this one.

BigThunder87 – For me almost the entire series is a big miss, the canyon is just bizarre and the cave is so weird, I wanted a full set of classic designs, instead we got half a set of fillers.  Very disappointed.

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