Up until now, Disney Infinity was geared to the male demographic. That has all changed with this newest release of figures. Tuesday we were treated to the release of the Frozen Toy Box Pack with sisters Anna and Elsa (reviewed here) and this past Friday, November 22nd, Tangled‘s Rapunzel joined Disney Infinity as its’ first Disney Princess. Welcome, Rapunzel!

tan_rapunzel_passive_no_reflection tan_rapunzel_dynamic_no_reflection


Today we not only take a look at Rapunzel and what she brings to the Toy Box, but also the Tangled terrain and skydome Power Discs from Series 1, as well the Maximus Power Disc from Series 2, which was officially released yesterday.

1. Character Likeness

IMG_9733 IMG_9734

I admit, when I first saw the character art (specifically the left side picture at the top of this article), I was upset. To be honest, I don’t think Rapunzel’s face looks like that. However, every time I saw a picture of the character, it was the same artwork. It even appears on the figure packaging itself. I got the figure not expecting much. However, the figure itself is pretty spot on to the Disney Animated movie. That likeness carries on inside the Toy Box.

IMG_9722 IMG_9719

2. Special Ability/ Weapon

Rapunzel’s special ability is called “Frying Pan Bash”. I think what it represents is pretty obvious. Throughout the movie, the frying pan is Rapunzel’s weapon of choice. In Disney Infinity, it is her weapon pack. She can use it both in melee/ close ranged combat, and she can throw it targets and enemies. The frying pan itself goes pretty far.

 holidaycharacters_rapunzel_1 (1)

3. Toy Box Unlockables

Rapunzel unlocks three treasure chests: the Rapunzel Costume, the Frying Pan weapon pack, and probably the best of all, Rapunzel’s Tower… which you can climb.

IMG_9725 IMG_9732

IMG_9740 IMG_9738

4. Character Adventure

Rapunzel’s Adventure is “Rapunzel’s Rail Ride”. You ride a bunch of rails, climb walls, etc. on various levels of Rapunzel’s Valley trying to break lanterns. After trying this Adventure out, I realize that I need a lot more experience riding rails, figuring out how to move from one to another, etc. I got up to the Silver Medal… but just barely. I need a lot more work in order to get the gold.


5.Tangled Customization Discs


Throughout the Toy Box pictures I posted from my time playing with Rapunzel, the Tangled customization Power Discs (part of Power Disc Series 1) turned the Toy Box in to the world from the movie. All I needed was the Snuggly Duckling and we would be set.

5. Maximus Power Disc

 IMG_9811 IMG_9816

OK. So, Maximus is a horse… yet another horse to ride in the Toy Box, especially after you play through the Lone Ranger set (which Roger just reviewed yesterday). However, that being said… it is Maximus, however. Rapunzel needs to ride Maximus. Plain and simple.

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