lone ranger 2

lone ranger 2Every now and again, Disney makes a bit of a balls up and things that should be successful don’t turn out that way they maybe should have, Lone Ranger was pretty much written off by critics and in turn by the general public before it had even been released.  Many people compare it to John Carter in that was a big failure for the company (I didn’t mind the John Carter movie!)

For some reason, the Lone Ranger hasn’t been the big success Disney had hoped for and I have to put my hands up and say I haven’t seen the movie yet.  I had planned on going to the Cinema to see it but unfortunately the cinema had stopped showing it and until it pops up on Blu Ray, I have no connection to the movie.

And this is where I have a little issue with this play set, I don’t really know the characters that well, I know who Lone Ranger and Tonto are, I know the classic theme tune and some basic catchphrases from the classic TV show that are part of our Pop culture now, but the movie is a total unknown to me.

lone ranger 1

Which was why I wasn’t in a rush to pick up this play set but while I was in Walt Disney World and had a bit of spending money left on my last day, I decided to pop  it into my basket and bring it back home.
This is one of  the biggest advantages to Disney with the Infinity platform, very few people would have brought a Lone Ranger stand alone video game but as its bolted onto Infinity, it means they can make the game much stronger without having to spend time working on the basics.

Much like the other play sets, this feels like very different to the other play sets and racing around the wild west on a horse or shooting things from a train is great fun.   Having not seen the movie makes no difference to your game playing experience what’s so ever as this is could have easily been based on the “idea” of the Lone Ranger, this is a wild west game that isn’t something we see so often now.

The basics of Disney Infinity are all in here, plenty of running around and collecting items and races, but its the shooting element that makes it different from the other play sets and I think this play set is probably over looked because of the stigma attached to the movie.

I personally really enjoyed this game and reading other people’s thoughts on this play set it does seem that it is a very popular and I have to agree with them all, this play set could easily be overlooked in favour of the Toy Story or Cars ones, but I’d recommend to pick this one up, especially if you see it in a sale but even at full price (which is what I paid), I’d say this is still great value for money and very entertaining.  A very solid play set with hours of entertainment

Do you agree?