For a while now, I have wanted to present a “behind the scenes” of a Vinylmation, from designing and sculpting all the way through the final product. A few weeks ago, I got to talking with Jennifer Bednarski. Jennifer is an up and coming Vinylmation custom artist, only getting into it this past summer when she joined in our Vinylmation Kingdom Disney Villains Custom Swap and Artists Unleashed Custom Artist Giveaway we had in September. I asked her to think of something Holiday / Winter inspired and this is what she came up with. Take it away, Jennifer:

When Travis suggested a photo journey of my design process, I couldn’t have been more excited! The timing of the article would give me the opportunity to forge ahead with a design that I’ve been wanting to try out, for some time. Like many people, I am SUPER excited for the release of Frozen! The Elsa character, in particular, keeps begging to be made into a vinyl. So, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

Here’s Elsa:

Frozen_elsa       VinylTemplate

Next to Elsa is a blank Vinylmation template. If you are going to get into customs, you are going to want to get one of these. Here is one from the Artists Unleashed page. I typically do not sketch out my designs on paper. I do them in my head. However, that is not going to make for an interesting first part of this article. If you’re just starting out on custom Vinylmation work, I would suggest sketching out your ideas first. Do you see how Elsa would make a great vinyl design? No?


How about now? (Don’t worry if your still not sure yet. There are more pieces to this puzzle.)

Elsa’s got great hair! It adds a lot to her character. I really want to play this up. Pulling from past experience, I know that I want to use sculptural hair elements, much like those in my Rapunzel design, from last summer…Elsa is also typically surrounded by sparkling, twinkling snow (she’s the Snow Queen, after all). My Disney Hugs: Ariel & Eric had that same kind of feel in it’s “magic” sparkles, so I want to incorporate that painting style.

07-31-13 040 ArielFront

The Rapunzel and Ariel customs I previously did that I drew inspiration from.

Oh yeah, one more thing…I’ve decided to use this photo of Elsa’s face. The eyes have more pizzazz!


Putting all these elements together, I’m imagining something like this…

photo (2)

I’ll take it one step further and add some color.


OK, maybe not THAT many stars…

Now many artists will tell you that what they envision and the end result do not always match. Keeping that in mind, I’ll start next time with a blank vinyl, a bit of sculpting and see what we get!

Disclaimer: In no way shape or form am I suggesting that the following steps are the best way
to create a custom vinyl. They are purely my way…what works for me.

~ Jennifer


Thanks Jennifer! Can’t wait to see the progress of this vinyl next week.

To see more of Jennifer’s talented custom work, some of which is quite breathtaking, you can visit her Facebook Page.

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