141-Sunny-Day-big-300x300Destination Vinylmation Podcast 141 Sunny Day is now available to download.

Here is the official description for this weeks edition:

This week we review Pixar 2 and NBC 2. We talk about all the releases over the past few weeks and of course give a full run down of what will release next. There is also news about chasers, variants and other Vinylmation fun!

In this week’s episode here are the following main points:

  • A quick run through all the recent releases including NBC 2, Afternoon 2, Marvel Twin Pack, 5th Anniversary, Festival of the Masters & much more
  • The 5th Anniversary event at Walt Disney World is discussed.
  • Nick & MC talk about Pixar 2
  • The new Mickey & Friends Haunted Mansion is discussed and how they are different from previous releases with the reveal combo.
  • Animation 4 is mentioned by Nick & MC
  • The news of Disney Movie Rewards giving away Popcorns is mentioned.
  • Nick & MC talk about all the teases by NG Nacho & Enrique Pita of the new Hawaii and Las Vegas figures
  • The guys run through the Release Calendar
  • Pixar 2 Chaser is reviewed

You can listen to this Podcast by clicking here