This coming Friday the next blind box series from the Custom Artist Project goes on sale, this blind box set features lots of different artists but this series is set up like a standard 12 set with a chaser and 2 of each figure.  This set features some variant editions of those figures.

The official release info for The Custom Artist Project Series 3: Park Redux!
Date: Friday, November 22nd
Time: 9:00 pm est, 6:00 pm pst
Where: rustthisworld.bigcartel.com

Price: $70 per blind box shipped within the US, +$10 international shipping.
Edition size: 25 blind boxes

Here is a run down of all the figures from this series and which artist made them.

Park 1 Balloon Chaser REDUX by Dylan Pommer aka Rust This World

1462961_535181830609_1044306686_nPark 6 Monstro REDUX by Dylan Pommer aka Rust This World1475855_535181800669_825620579_nPark 1 Yeti REDUX by Nanette Simard Belgen aka NRB Relic1451379_535181780709_1408214261_nPark 4 Pirates Dog REDUX by Miranda Legendre1479529_535181760749_1243243168_nPark 11 World of Color REDUX by Mike Vetrone1476493_535181740789_782224511_nPark 3 It’s a Small World REDUX by Jenny Grinsell579189_535181705859_993861916_nPark 2 Festival of the Lion King REDUX by Heather Kattelman994989_535181680909_911543878_nPark 4 Nemo’s Sumarine Voyage REDUX by Josh Edwards aka Crazy 4 Vinyls1459304_535181720829_1331348695_nPark 1 Creepy Wallpaper REDUX by Christopher Avalos aka Evilos599625_535181660949_1261276682_nPark 1 Bad Apple REDUX by Brian Shapiro1424563_535181626019_1764395296_nPark 5 Anubis REDUX by Celeste Villanueva1454751_535181640989_1478171391_nPark 12 The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh REDUX by Are Jay1234770_535181611049_1129219609_n

Which one is your favourite?