Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Urban Redux 2


RogPalmerUK – I find it a real shame that the Urban brand has had such a knock since its first introduction all those years ago, but over the 11 different series, its still doesn’t seem to be connecting with people, I’m one of those people who has pretty much avoided the Urban and other non-Disney sets, bar the odd one that catches my eye.  I love the new smaller case set up and I hope we continue to see more Urban Redux sets in the future, but they really need to make them very limited.  We haven’t heard anything about any Super Chasers for this series which is a disappointment in my view since that was such a cool concept.

There is a couple from this series that I like, first up we have the Variant Mammoth which looks a little like Manny from Ice Age and then of course we have the super awesome chaser, the Vinylmation fan that I want to add to my collection.  It’s typical, the one main figure I want from Urban Redux 2 is the chaser, it was exactly the same with Urban Redux 1, the only one I have is the awesome Space Monkey (I never managed to get the Ninja).  So I’m going to be holding back, waiting a while before I try to pick this figure up.  I actually think it looks better than the 5th Anniversary figure.

WDWRobert – I am not a huge fan of the Urban or its recently revived relative Urban Redux. However with a smaller set size of 8 or 8+ if you count the toppers and variants does make it easier to complete the set if you are inclined to collect every vinyl ever made. Now I must admit I like most of the Urban Redux series with the exception of the “Cowboy”. The “Lucky Cat” toppers were really cool and the “Space Monkey” Chaser was awesome. As for the current Series I only like a few at most. The “Woolly Mammoth’s” and its variant look great. They remind me of Heffalumps which for me is a big plus being a “Pooh” fan.  The “Transistor” common and the ”Radio” Variant look amazing, The look is so nostalgic along with great use of the ears for tone and Volume I cannot wait to get them!

BigThunder87 – I don’t like Urban series at all, I collect Disney Vinylmations not random stuff that makes no sense, the chaser is good but I don’t like any of the normal ones.


RogPalmerUK – Urban Redux 2 is just one of those sets that is lost in the background, it just doesn’t seem to click with me, with just 5 average common figures, I just feel like meh!   The Crapster looking kid, some weird Disney Store looking Monster thing and a odd looking sex bandit.   The topper is just again, too strange, I don’t like it one bit, let alone wanting 3 different coloured versions of it.

Urban Redux has so much potential to be a awesome series, it should represent the very best figures from the artists, let them go wild, let them do something Disney but differently.  Non-Disney stuff doesn’t sell as well, but throw in something cool like the chaser, there have been some fab Urban figures like El Raton, Super Mouse, Ooopsy, Cartoon, Tin Mouse and the 3D Glasses Mickey  But the best generally are generally Disney related.  For me the entire Urban Redux brand is a miss at the moment, we have been burnt out on too many Non-Disney figures and with so many fantastic artists and some cool concepts like different toppers, smaller cases, super chasers etc, a series that was hyped as something exciting, just feels all hype and no substance.  It’s a shame.

WDWRobert – The remainder of the series fall into this series. Its not that they are poorly done, its just that I don’t feel it necessary to collect them. The “Medusa” and “Puck Rock Girl” reminded me of “Cutesters en Vogue” girls gone bad. The “Masked Love” had a lot of potential but maybe its the stark white body accompanied by the black leotard oh and the Heart Underwear did not work for me. Om on the border with the “Fan” Chaser. Maybe I’ll put him in the maybe column. But I will wait till the series to go BOGO in a few weeks to pick up the set and I’ll trade away the ones I am not crazy about. All in all its an okay set. With having the smaller set size buying a case is not that bad.

BigThunder87 – The whole series!  I’m saving my cash for Pixar 2!  What were they thinking?

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