This past week has been a crazy one for Disney Infinity release dates. Wave 2 characters we thought would be released in December to the masses became 2013 exclusive to big box retailers. A 2014 release was announced to be 2013 online exclusive. Other releases with potential release dates were put into question. All of that being said, let’s run down what we now know.



11/22/13   US & Canada Release- Walmart 2013 Exclusive

11/28/13  Australia Release- EB Games


Wreck-It Ralph

11/22/13  US Release- Best Buy 2013 Exclusive

11/26/13  Canada Release- Best Buy 2013 Exclusive

11/28/13  Australia Release- EB Games

11/29/13  UK Release- Smyths/ GAME



11/24/13  US Release- Target 2013 Exclusive

11/26/13  Canada Release- Target 2013 Exclusive

11/28/13  Australia Release- EB Games

11/29/13  UK Release- Smyths/ GAME

Both Ralph and Vanellope were believed to be widespread released in December. Due to these announcements, you will have to wait until 2014 to get them outside of the exclusive stores, at least here in North America. 


Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey

11/25/13  UK Release- GAME

12/05/13  Denmark Release- Amazon

12/12/13  US Release- Amazon

As of right now, the only way you can get Mickey in the US on 12/12/13 is through Amazon’s holiday bundle, which is priced at $199.99 and includes almost all of the single characters and Play Sets currently released.


Anna & Elsa from FROZEN

11/28/13  Australia Release- EB Games

11/29/13  UK Release- GAME

Reports are that DisneyQuest down in WDW (in the Downtown Disney area) already has the FROZEN Toy Box pack, which also includes the FROZEN terrain and skydome Power Discs, out on the shelves and for sale.


Infinite Crystal Series

11/15/13  UK Release- Amazon     Jack Sparrow

11/15/13  UK Release- GAME        Lone Ranger

11/15/13  UK Release- Tesco        Sulley

11/28/13  France Release- Amazon  Buzz Lightyear

11/28/13  France Release- Amazon  Lone Ranger

There are no new Infinite Crystal Series releases scheduled for North America, and Australia has gotten almost all, if not all, of them.


Power Discs

11/10/13  US Release- TRU           Captain’s Hook Ship (#5 in series)

11/17/13  US Release- TRU           Tron Interface (#6 in series)

11/19/13  US Release- Target        Power Disc Series 2- Complete Set w/ Album

11/26/13  Power Disc Series 2

Like the Infinite Crystal Series, most of the 10 gold pack exclusive Power Discs have already been released outside of North America.

NOTE: Anything with a date in Bold will be releasing this coming week (11/10-11/16).

As new announcements are made, we will work to update this Release Rundown weekly.

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Have a great rest of the weekend.