Welcome to the Vinylmation Kingdom, Custom Showcase.  We wanted to show off the latest Custom Vinylmation series from Miranda Legendre, which go on sale later today.

Here is my new Muppet Babies Series! (Minus the Secret Chaser)

This series goes on sale (Friday, November 8th) at 7:00 PST (9:00 CST, 10:00 EST).

At the time above, they will be available for sale at:…

They are $70 shipped per blind box (US Only) and there is no limit to how many boxes you may purchase.

Thanks for the support!

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If you’re a Custom Artist who would like to be featured in our Custom Showcase, feel free to contact me either by email (Roger@Vinylmationkingdom.com), Twitter (@RogPalmerUK) or via Facebook.

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