VK’s Custom Swaps: A Spooktacular Haunted Mansion Swap

Last year, the Vinylmation Kingdom Halloween Custom Swap took to Sleepy Hollow for a very fun shoot. With the Haunted Mansion photo shoot this year, I decided to trek back to the Hudson River Valley made famous by the tales of Washington Irving and visit the Lyndhurst, located just south of Sleepy Hollow in Tarrytown, NY.


The reason why I chose Lyndhurst is simple: this mansion, located on the banks of the Hudson River, is an amazing example of Dutch Gothic Revival architecture. Can anyone tell me of another well known building that took its inspiration from the type of architecture?


That’s right! Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion was designed to look like one of the great old mansions of the northeastern United States when it was decided that the ride would be place in Liberty Square. Previously, in Disneyland, the ride was in New Orleans Square, and therefore was themed to look like an old bayou plantation house.

The weather was beautiful as my mom and I headed down the [Hudson] River and through the woods… no, really. The valley, and most of the surrounding counties, are rich with amazing sights. As we traveled to Lyndhurst, the trees were ablaze with vibrant fall colors, so much more than where we live about an hour away. This “color ride”, as my mom calls it, was just another plus.

During the weekends throughout September and October, Lyndhurst hosts weekend activities, including scarecrow building, hayrides, and mansion tours. Since it gets extremely crowded in Tarrytown on the weekends (mainly because of Sleepy Hollow), we arrived this past Monday to find the grounds very quiet, which allowed for us to walk around and get some fun shots. Here is a group shot in front of the west side of the mansion, which overlooks the Hudson River.


Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Swap: Haunted Mansion Edition (October 2013)


Then, on the east side of the mansion, they had set up a fake cemetery… I couldn’t resist…



When the sun set, the vinyls enjoyed a little individual attention.

101_07382 101_07432

HM Maid by Allie Lawhorn and Tightrope Walker by Rebecca Adams

101_07622 101_07442

Hatbox Ghost by Liz Torres and Demon by Albert Avila

101_07452 101_07592

Knight by Edward Brut and Phantom Manor Ghost by Roger Palmer

101_07472 101_07492

Madame Leota by Bethany Gwyther

101_07552 101_07562

Monkey Toy Oogie Boogie by James Hawk and Opera Ghost by Jennifer Bednarski

101_07572 101_07582

Haunted Mansion Singing Busts/ Headstones by Mike Whartenby

101_07522 101_07612

Madame Leota headstone by Zachary Mayer and Hatbox Ghost by Jason Cracraft-Windell

101_07502 101_07512

Trick or Treat Mickey by Sherman Sung


Lilo as HM Maid by Kimberly Hawk

All in all, a great shoot with some really fun and creative customs. Thanks again for all of the artists involved.

Interested in joining our swaps? Be on the lookout this weekend for signups to begin for our next Custom Swap… Star Wars Holidays! I cannot wait to see what fun collaborations our artists can come up with by mashing Star Wars characters with some of our favorite holidays.

Have a wonderful and candy-filled Halloween everyone.

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