Welcome to the Vinylmation Kingdom, Custom Showcase.  In this edition I spoke with Custom Artist F1shcustom’s.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

– The first thing I should say is that there are actually 2 of us that make up F1shcustoms, Me (Joe) and my brother Matt. We are from Port Chester, New York and now live in Lawrenceville Georgia. We both got into painting 5 years ago when we started customizing War hammer 40k figures just to try it out. Neither of us had any previous artistic background aside from our father who did a lot of hand drawn artwork, So if genes DO in fact carry over to the next generation…I guess would explain it haha.

– Both I and my brother have such a broad spectrum of interests from Marvel, Star Wars to Sports, Power Rangers etc that painting really has become an outlet to really express all those interests. Each of us does our own pieces, we don’t tag team any 1 piece per say, We do separate pieces but work under the same roof. We both paint a similar style though so to date nobody can tell what I paint and what my brother paints…And that’s the point haha.

In 5 years time though we have tried everything from Mighty Muggs to Kidrobot to Vinylmations and even shot glasses haha.

What is your latest custom project?

– Right now we are working on a set of 20 Power Ranger shot glasses that are actually going to the original Green Ranger himself as well as a bunch of Vinylmations which will start to leak out onto our social media later this week starting with Loki!

Where do you get your Inspiration for your latest Custom Vinylmation?

Oh man it starts in the weirdest places sometimes haha. A lot of the time someone will place an order for “said character” and between the 2 of us were like an encyclopedia of comics/ TV etc haha, So there is hardly ever a character were asked to do that we don’t already know. But we both just think about that character and what makes that character, THAT character! Its very easy really, the inspiration for the design just comes from our own personal taste, If we would like it then we go into it with the hopes that so will the person who ordered it. But when we are discussing an order with a customer we also ask if there are any particulars about the character they want, like a certain expression, Costume etc. That way it takes out a lot of the guess work.

How do you go about designing your Custom?

– I kind of touched on that in the last post haha, but basically it’s first up to the customer who ordered it. If they like a certain costume, expression, look to it etc then that’s fine. They let us know and we base our design around that criteria. If they want to leave it up to our creative freedom then what we do is make that character the way we think people like them best and add our touches to it. Both me and my brother are fans first of A LOT of the themes we make customs of, so it helps in designing them off course!

How many hours went into making your latest Custom project?

– We usually have 2 customs done in 2-3 days of painting. I’m not 100% on the exact time because its a lot of here and there painting haha, Whenever we have free time we paint (usually at like 1am-4am the most gets done) but its about 21 hours id say give or take.

What are some of your tips or tricks you can share with others?

– Keep your paint “moist” and keep your brushes new. Brushes tend to get stiff when they have run their course due to dried paint etc and when they do they leave brush strokes because the tips are hard and scrapping the paint. (I’m no expert but this is the conclusion iv come to on this stuff haha). So if you keep your paint moist and your brushes very clean & replace them when they get too stiff, you’ll have smoother strokes with less brush marks.

Which mold do you prefer to paint on and why?

– Both of our favorite medium at the moment is Vinylmations, and we agree that the “High School” series has the best mold. Its VERY custom friendly being that it disassembles and doesn’t have the Mickey nose or facial outline. I think most of them come this way now so any of the newer molds are GREAT!

– Aside from Vinlymations though we both love painting Kidrobot Munnys especially the micro munnys.

What’s your favorite Custom you have ever created? – (Joe) My favorite custom I made is actually a set of the original 5 Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Mighty Muggs I did way back in like 2009. It was actually the 2nd time I had done them but I had improved a lot since my first attempt haha. I still like them best, But that may just be because I love the original Power Rangers haha.

– (Matt) My brothers favorite custom is a Thor Micro Munny he did earlier this year. He says that while hes not a big fan of Thor, He really liked how it came out haha.

And finally how can people get in touch with you?

And finally how can people get in touch with you?

and out main base is

chiefmezitzjpeg soundwaveonbasejpeg mikeymunnyjpeg gothamsmostwantedsetjpeg hopevinyljpeg claireredfieldvinylmationjpeg nightcrawlervinyljpeg ironpatriotvinylmationjpeg batgirlvinylmationjpeg

Here are some examples of F1shcustom’s Work:


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