Hits and Misses – Villains 13 – Reflections of Evil

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at all of new previews from the Reflections of Evil event.


RogPalmerUK – Wow!  I think that was my first reaction while sitting watching all the messages, tweets, notifications coming through during the Vinylmation presentation.  So many huge releases coming out in the next year its hard to pick the ones I’m most excited about but for me there were a few stand out sets that I want to add to my collection.  First off I’m very excited about the return of Park Starz for 2014, I love the Park series and not being restricted to the Mickey mold means they can go much further into the designs.  Other series that caught my eye include Marvel 1& 2 and Star Wars 4 plus the Indiana Jones set though I did think to myself, I only really want Indiana Jones but that is something rather cool.

Other highlights that stood out included the 2014 Sorcerer with all the different variants and different park versions, I liked the idea of this years Poster Art series and the yearly update figure is an important one for the general masses, plus its just a cool design and with 4 different versions and 4 variants, its got a bit of a chase factor to it.   There are lots of other great things that caught my eye including the new Pirates of the Caribbean series, Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion sets.

 Ben Whitmore

Festival of the Masters: It is great to see a more inspired use of Mickey’s character, not in a role he has played before and inspired by the Downtown Disney annual Festival of the Master. As a keen painter and fan of the event this is definitely on my wish list. It is also promising to see news of a potential variant for this figure which is a great move for Disney as it adds a level of mystery and surprise to what would typically be an open edition.

Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Set: Disney would release anything Haunted Mansion and I would be sold! this time they have decided to make some of the finer details of the pre show and characters I have always enjoyed watching unfold in front of me. Honestly I cannot say a bad thing about this set, not only do I respect the artists talent to take a 2D portrait and portray a representation of this onto 3D object but to also include each characters accessories on the ears of the vinyl. This is full use of the canvas, something I am always happy to see more of rather than the addition of easily lost accessories; this makes it more of a designer toy and less of an action figure.

Park Starz 3: Although I don’t think anything has been shown I am still extremely excited at the prospect of more unique shape park characters.

Jeremy Arruda – Oh man! I have so many good things about Villains 13! I am super excited for some of these. My first hit would be the Aladdin Jrs. They look incredible! Sure they would look good on 3″, but i think they are executed excellently!

My second hit would be animation 4! Excited to see the rest of the characters produced! Timon is my favorite as I have wanted one like that forever! Also a huge fan of the jaq and gus-gus set. Good to see them get 3″ forms.   I also love the 2014 sorcerer mickey as well!   Additionally, not sure if this was released at ROE, but I am in love with the unveiled designs of the 25th anniversary figures. I need that chip, dale, stitch, and pluto!

Chris “HusBuzz” Tremblay    –  Every big event that goes on involving Disney always finds a way to captivate me, but the Reflections of Evil event is one of those rare events that makes me wish I could pack up, leave the Northeast and move south so I’d have a better shot at attending such an event live and in the flesh. Villains are an absolute cornerstone for my love of all things Disney, and this definitely would’ve been the place where I’d be in my element. We learned a LOT…almost too much with ROE…to fit it all within one article, so I’m trying to limit my talking points to strictly villain related items to match the theme of the event. With that being said, here’s the Hits and Misses, as viewed from my home in Rhode Island.

HITS:  Right off the bat, no question without a doubt, the biggest hit for me goes to the Mickey/Pluto combo set. With Hook and Scar being featured, it’s an absolute no brainer that this set somehow had to make its way into our collection and be featured with our other fall holiday themed Vinyls.  One of my favorite villains in Hook coupled with the villain to one of my favorite films of all time? Check. Mate. A close second as a hit was the Nightmare Before Christmas #2 8 blind box set. Absolute favorite film of all time and I’m loving the addition of the minor characters from the film adding a nice touch to the collection to round out the set while still leaving the door open for a 3rd set.


RogPalmerUK – Sadly not everything that’s coming out in the future is exciting me, which is good thing, I simply don’t have the space or money to buy everything Disney put out, nor do I want to, the days of “gotta buy them all” are long gone and maybe I now starting to limit what I’m collecting, it makes it a bit easier to make that decision.  So I will kick things off with both snowy Crapsters and Urban Redux sets, neither have appealed to me in the past and they are a easy “Miss”.  Other misses for me include the Frozen figures, the girls look too Cutester for me and Oalf looks a bit weird.   I am also not a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie so those figures are a miss but that’s more of a personal thing than anything I dislike about the figures.   Oh and we can throw Duffy into this pile too…urgh!

Other things I’m not planning on adding to my collection include the Aladdin Junior series, I just don’t really get Juniors, the sets of 16 are just too large and I’m sure a 3″ series would have sold much better, so I suggest Mike Vetrone starts mass producing his custom series to fill the gap.

 Ben Whitmore – Urban Redux #2: Sadly Redux #1 wasn’t enough to get me interested in ever picking up another Urban vinyl ever again. Bring back Disney inspired artist respresentations that played with the Mickey shape and send back the cliche stereotypical designs popular with the likes of other designer toy brands at the start of the millenium.

Cutesters Snow: Really? we need more seasonal based Cutesters? you’d think Cutesters 1 would be enough however popular they were with my other half. You’d think they’d get the hint now and make something both cute and Disney related? With plenty to choose from I find it hard to comprehend why they would ever do another set of these and I can’t imagine these being as well designed as the Cutesters En Vogue which as far as I am aware sold quite well. To be fair this is prob why we are seeing another series, so as consumers I beg you please demand Disney quality. My only hope is that this is backlog designs that need releasing until we get to more Disney related sets like Jungle Book and Aladdin.

Chris “HusBuzz” Tremblay    – Madam Mim. With all due respect, I’m over you. I was never a huge Sword in the Stone fan, but I absolutely appreciate the Vinylmation world trying to pay homage to the old films that may fly under the radar for some as it’s easy to lose amongst films like Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and all the other classics the 90’s brought us but Madam Mim, you’ve outworn your welcome for me, personally. We wasted a slot in the first Villains set for you, and now we’re trying to force feed more of you to the masses? I just don’t give a single care for this combo set released, and gave a chuckle when we saw it up for retail sale almost immediately after the event. Sorry, Mim.

My last miss? This new thing called “8 figure sets”. Absolutely stoked for the Nightmare set, and Pirates 2 for instance, but then seeing the “set of 8” listed with each instantly gets me frustrated. It’s definitely a way to help me save money, I get that and my wallet appreciates that, but I feel the trend of leaning towards 8 figure sets means the creativity is starting to die out and ideas are no longer in the plenty.  I feel like changing the mold took a step in the wrong direction for Vinyls overall and this new feature actually takes another step into that direction. Just hoping it’s redeemed with Quality over Quantity with these sets.

Jeremy Arruda – I did not like any of the vinylmations released at the event this year. They did not appeal to me any way as I do not collect villains, but even if I did, they were a big let down. Mim, don’t care for; beagle boys, very plain; malificent, too girly, not enough evil;

There were also many series that were released that I don’t care about. Urban Redux 2, Marvel, and Jungle book all look very drab to me. There were so many other releases its impossible to touch on each. But there are my hits and misses!

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