One of my goals of the Reflections of Evil event was to get the six CYO blanks I brought with me turned into custom doodles by some of my custom artist friends. How did I do? here are the results:


The artists themselves had complete control over the design of the doodle. As you can see, some went for a straightforward characters, while others went for the abstract. Let’s take a closer look:

101_0007 101_0008

Figment by Mike Vetrone (washyourhands)

101_0011 101_0012

Reflections of Evil Eyes by Josh Edwards (Crazy4Vinyls)

101_0017 101_0018

Donald Duck by Dylan Pommer (Rust This World)

101_0009 101_0010

Mickey Doodle by Heather Kattelman (Vinylmation Customations)

101_0015 101_0016

Paisley Doodle by Jenny Grinsell

101_0013 101_0014

Mickey by Miranda Legendre

Of course, during the event, I had to capture some of the fun that was being had. Here I am with Josh, Jenny, and Miranda. And then there is Jenny, who took the chance to pose with her vinyl. Classic.

josh IMG_8427 miranda

IMG_8424 IMG_8425

Special thanks to all of my custom artist friends for taking the time in making me some doodles. For more information on these amazing artists and to see some of their work, you can visit them here:

Customs by Mike Vetrone

Crazy4Vinyls Customs

Rust This World Custom Toys and Art

Vinylmation Customations by Heather

JLG Art and Design

Miranda Legendre Artworks

No idea if I will be attending next year’s Imagination Gala. However, if I do, I have a feeling this Doodle project will return.