A Special Trick-or-Treat Experience Just For You at Walt Disney World Resort

The Official Disney Park Blog posted a story today about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Walt Disney World and part of the story was a special Halloween pack featuring the new Halloween 2013 Mayor figure.

Remember how excited we got as kids receiving candy on Halloween? It was one of the few times a year we could receive an overwhelming amount of sugar and the stash was completely ours. Dressing up was fun and the Halloween parties were great, but the candy made it the real treat. Let’s just say that at Walt Disney World Resort, we take the holiday to a whole new level with our Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Where else can you experience an amazing Halloween party complete with Disney characters, a parade, fireworks and trick-or-treat trails that are to die for!

This year, I got ahold of two Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party park maps to help you plot your trick-or-treat path in preparation for your big night. The first park map covers the party’s trick-or-treat trails for September 24.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013

This second map covers the September 20, 27 and 29 party date trick-or-treat trails. More to come real soon on the October party map.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 20, 27 and 29th Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 20, 27 and 29th

Now for the inside scoop:

  • There will be 11 trick or treat locations including two trails, three of which are in New Fantasyland. You may even find some interesting “characters” involved to make your experience even trickier.
  • There will be healthy options, too. Special Dietary options are available at City Hall upon request (but this is not a treat location).
  • Worried that all the good candy will be gone by the time you get here? Take heart in the fact that there will be more than 11 semi-trailer refrigerated truck loads of mixed candy for the whole season.
  • Wondering how you’ll carry all this candy in the parks? I thought so. The park provides free treat bags for guests at the Main Entrance and at one of the satellite wristband locations.

Now, for those who are looking for an enhanced trick or treat park experience, here’s a treat you may not know about. Check out these adorable light-up Mickey’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin and Minnie’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin from Disney Floral & Gifts, that also doubles as a gifting experience. (A gift delivered to your resort room that ties in with an experience or attraction in the parks).

Mickey’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin From Disney Floral & Gifts Minnie’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin From Disney Floral & Gifts

For instance, the light-up pumpkin has an autograph book and pen for character meet and greets in the parks, treats to snack on, a light-up lanyard for the park, and a magic trick they can learn (and let’s just say it will keep the kids busy for hours – I’ve tried it myself). And of course the pumpkin doubles as their trick-or-treat pail for collecting candy!

A Spirited Halloween Surprise by Disney Floral & Gifts

And for the older kids, check out A Spirited Halloween Surprise packed with fun glow pieces that will make their visit to The Haunted Mansion a real scream! It also doubles for a candy bag.

But here’s the cutest offering yet for Halloween. It was designed especially for your little one – My First Disney Visit Halloween.

My First Disney Visit Halloween by Disney Floral & Gifts

Mickey included his pal Duffy in this gift to take along on all your little one’s “firsts” at the Disney Parks. It includes all their “firsts” such as: Mickey ears; autograph book for character greetings; plush; and Mickey pillow-blanket. There’s an adorable heart-warming story too, that will tug on your heart strings. It’s a gift and keepsake you’ll totally want to preserve and remember memories made for years to come. Trust me!

And, get this – if you want to add more treats and surprises to any of these gifts, you can. They’re available for purchase now on Disneyfloralandgifts.com or by calling 407-WDW-GIFT. Gifts can be delivered anywhere on Walt Disney World Resort property and same-day delivery is available. One thought to consider: There are limited gifts so it’s better to order sooner rather than later. This year is a great opportunity to “treat” your family to a real sweet experience.

Oh, and by the way, I’m going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party real soon, too. If you see an adult woman dressed as a “Fairy Godmother” sitting on the ground in a pool of candy smiling, it’s been a successful evening!