Infinity and Beyond – Toy Box Thursday – 9/19/13

It’s another Toy Box Thursday and today we have 5 new Toy Boxes available to download on Disney Infinity.

Here are the five new Toy Boxes:

  • Tron Highway – Race a Light Runner, battle enemies, navigate mazes, and hidden paths to get to the end of the broken highway.
  • Sugar ManiaTake King Candy’s Royal Racer for a sweet spin on a Sugar Rush-inspired racetrack.
  • Cosmic Platformer – Compete with friends on an obstacle course that’s out of this world.
  • It’s a Trap! – Pay close attention to get through these puzzling rooms. Beware of traps and double jumping!
  • Monster Rally – Pull off a series of tricks in a stunt show spectacular!

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Which will is your favourite?

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