Disney Store 25th Anniversary Vinylmation Series…the lost designs.

The 25th Anniversary of the Disney Store might have been last year and the 25th Anniversary Vinylmation series was a pretty successful series that didn’t take long to sell out, but what we didn’t know was that originally this series was set to be a 25th piece series to represent the 25 years of the Disney Store.  Disney Artist  Jim Valeri posted a story on his website (http://bigjiminy.blogspot.co.uk/) that showed some very interesting designs for this series that never got released.

This Vinylmation series was designed for TDS 25th Anniversary which came out about a year and a half ago. (Oh, why yes, they sold quite handsomely thank you very much.) The pieces below were sold as a set but the original idea was to have 25 pieces….for the 25th Anniversary…see the math there? Anyway, that turned out to be a little too ambitious given our timing and manufacturing logistics so 13 of the intended designs were nixed…

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 7.58.14 PMHere was the figures that eventually got released: TDS 25th Ann SeriesWhat do you think about these unreleased figures?

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